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An essay on Air Pollution for students in English.

10 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An essay on Air Pollution for students in English.

Picture: An essay on air pollution

Air pollution is one of the major problems faced by human beings in present day. Earlier before the Industrial Revolution in 1760s we used to have fresh air but due to rise in factories and vehicles, the air is being polluted. There are various harmful effects of Air pollution. The factories and vehicles send harmful gases like carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to the atmosphere. They cause harmful effect of global warming.

The major cause of global warming is industrialization. Due to this, various factories have been set up to produce things of human comfort. They send harmful and poisonous gases that directly hampers our health and well-being. Another major cause of Air Pollution is deforestation. Due to deforestation harmful carbon dioxide is moving rapidly towards the atmosphere.

Greenhouse Effect, the major problem

Why Carbon Dioxide is harmful?

Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases. It traps the heat of the sun. So more carbon dioxide more the trapping of heat. It increases the temperature of the Earth. This causes global warming. It is also known as climate change. Global warming has caused damage to our environment to a large extent.

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What are the main causes of Air Pollution?

Burning of fossil fuel.

Fossil fuels are dead remains of the plants and animals that have been present under the surface of the earth for millions of years. They are in the form of petroleum products and also coal. The burning of these fossil fuel produces more carbon which is a greenhouse gas.

Burning of firewood.

Burning of firewood also produces the greenhouse gases.


We all know that trees takes carbon dioxide and gives us oxygen. Cutting of trees rapidly in the forests is called deforestation. So when we cut more trees, air pollution increases.

What are the harmful effects Of Air Pollution On Health?

The air pollution has many bad effects on the health. As we know that health is wealth. Air pollution causes health problems like asthma and other heart diseases. It also hampers the functioning of our lungs and respiratory system followed by various skin problems.

One of the example of Air Pollution is photochemical smog in Delhi.

What are the Ways To Reduce Air Pollution?

The levels of air pollution has increased a lot in the recent decades. It is due to increasing human pressure to the environment which we also call as anthropocentric pressure. However, still there are many ways to reduce the harmful impacts of air pollution.

Afforestation and Reforestation.

Harmful carbon can be reduced if we plant more and more trees.

Use of electric vehicles.

Use of electric vehicle is best solution for the problem of burning of fossil fuels.

Strict policy for factories.

Government can introduce strict policies regarding the air pollution.

Control of desires.

The anthropogenic pressure can be reduced if we control our desires.


The air pollution is increasing rapidly. It has caused one of the greatest problems faced by human kind called climate change. We need to fight with it in order to get back our Earth. The only solution is Sustainable Development.

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