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Essay on an elephant for students(2021).

12 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on an elephant for students(2021).


Elephants are big animals. They have very large pillar-like legs with two big ears like hand fans for the kings. Elephants have a very special kind of organ that most other animals don’t have, it is the trunk. They have a short tail. Besides, the male elephant has two long teeth which we call tusks. In the herd of elephants, the oldest female is always a leader. They are grey in color, however, some of the elephants in Thailand are white in color.

Elephants are herbivorous animals, they live their life on green plants and leaves. There are basically two varieties of the Elephants namely the Indian and the African. Elephants are found in two continents namely Asia and Africa.

The life span of elephants is around 50-70 years. However, one of the oldest elephants lived for around 86 years. They are amongst the highest lived organisms in the earth.


Recently, the elephants are being forced to work at the circus and zoos for human entertainment. It is due to their intelligence that human beings use them in the zoo. The elephants have a wonderful learning capacity. They also have funeral rites after someone from their herd dies.

Elephants are amongst the most obedient animals on the earth. They live in groups however the male elephants prefer a lonely life. In India and other places, elephants are used for transport facilities. During ancient times they were used in wars. The mention of elephants used in wars is in Mahabharata. Warriors sitting on the back of the elephant were thought to be the greatest of the warriors.

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Why elephants are important?

 It is for sure that elephants are one of the most intelligent animals, after human beings. They show great emotion too. In Africa and India, people are fond of elephants. In folklore, there are various mentions of elephants. In Hinduism, the god of intelligence, Ganesha is seen with an elephant head. Elephants are one of the major parts of the ecosystem processes. They are a crucial part of nature.

Elephants have the ability to dig up the water in the winters through their tusks. It helps them in their survival throughout the dry summers and drought conditions.

essay on elephant

Elephants also create gaps while eating the grasses. This helps in the generation of new plants through various ecological processes. It also helps in the dispersal of various kinds of seeds which helps in maintaining the forest ecosystem. Their dung helps the seeds to nurture. They are very fertile in nature. No doubt that elephants hold a great place in ecosystem balance.

Elephants an endangered species.

Today the elephants are considered an endangered species. They are vulnerable to extinction. People kill the elephants for selling their body parts. This is done in order to fulfill human greed. Tusks of elephants are used in the formation of ornaments which in turn is very expensive.

Due to increased human activities, the forests are being wiped out from existence. This has resulted in a lack of food and the area to survive for them. There have been various cases of poaching and hunting for sports by human beings. It is all in the name of greed and entertainment.

Conclusion (an essay on an elephant)

Human beings are responsible for the poor condition of the elephants. There is a need for awareness among the people regarding its importance in the ecosystem. There must be very high efforts in the conservation of the elephants. Otherwise, the time may come soon when our next generation will be unable to see the elephants, just like the Dodo.


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