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An essay on an ideal teacher (2021).

12 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An essay on an ideal teacher (2021).

ideal teacher

There are many teachers but only a few are ideal teachers. They are the ones who make sure that their student learns at any cost. Mr. Abhiram Sharma is an ideal teacher for me. He is a man of commitment and wisdom. He has done many great feats for the students. He pushes himself to make his student learn at any cost. He believes in making children realize things rather than shouting at them for their mistakes.

An essay on an ideal teacher.

Since my 6th standard, he has been teaching mathematics to us. I remember, till class 5th I was a very weak student in mathematics but he made me realize that mathematics is an easy subject. What I was lacking was imagination. Mathematics needs imagination and what’s more, is there is a need for an ideal teacher who makes students realize this principle. Till today he is a great teacher.

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Whenever he enters the class the faces of students automatically turn joyful. This is one of the most important qualities of an ideal teacher. He has this quality. He is always cheerful. He believes in edutainment. This is the method in which a teacher focuses on education while entertaining the students. However, when there is a need to become strict he never fails to become strict.

an essay on an ideal teacher

He is also a great sportsman. However, he never forces his hobby on his students. He tells other students to follow their inner passion. It helps in maintaining stress levels.

FAQs on an Ideal Teacher.

What makes an ideal teacher essay?

Edutainment and holistic approach towards students make a teacher an ideal teacher.


How would you define an ideal teacher?

An ideal teacher is the one who does every possible way to teach the students.

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