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An essay on child labor for students in English (2021)

10 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An essay on child labor for students in English (2021)

an essay on child labor

Child Labour is a banned practice that restricts the involvement of the child in the workforce. It was very common until different governments across the world made it a crime. The main aim for any child should be learning in school. However, some greedy people exploit the children and use them to earn money for them.

In different countries, an appropriate age is decided for a child to be able to work. If someone forcefully tries to involve a child below a certain age, it is a crime. This is being implemented to ensure a child gets proper education during his/her time for learning. Child labor also hampers normal childhood, physical well-being, and mental well-being. It is very important to make poor people about the rights of their children. In India, everyone below 14 years of age is entitled to free education in government schools.


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Causes of Child Labour

The major cause of Child Labour is human greed. People who want to earn more money in less time usually hire child labor to save the labor cost. They pay very little to the child. However, there can be various other reasons based on the situation of the areas.

Child labor happens in underdeveloped countries and developing countries. It is because of unemployment. If the adults in the family are unemployed then there can be a case of child labor. It happens because there is no enough money to fulfill the daily needs. There is a matter for survival.


A second major cause of child labor is the lack of education. When the education is devoid from the parents, they send their child for labor work. It is certain that uneducated people would only think for their survival. It is a human tendency and completely natural. 

Eradication of Child Labour

Various nations have already banned child labor. However, it happens illegally in various places. The first major solution is to make people aware of their rights.

Secondly, priorities must be given to the Education sector so that literacy increases in the underdeveloped or developing nations. There should be more and more free educational government-aided institutions.


UBI (Universal Basic Income) can be the best solution to tackle child labor. In this scheme, a government can give individuals a basic income that fulfills food, shelter, and bread.


Child Labour is illegal and hence it needs to be eradicated at any cost. To completely finish child labor, there is a need for awareness in people regarding their fundamental right to education.

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