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An essay on cow in English.

The cow is regarded as a mother in India. It is because it gives us milk which only a mother can give. In this essay on cow, we see points to write an essay on cow. We know that a cow is one of the most innocent animals living on earth. It has been a companion of humankind for since long. This four-legged animal with a big body and horns is not just an animal. It is a friend and mother at the same time. The cow plays a very important role in Hindu festivals. It is a holy animal that nurtures us as a mother without any expectation.

Cow gives us healthy milk. The same milk is turned into butter and cheese which we further use for making the products like pizza. Buttermilk is one of the by-products of milk. During sunny days it helps us to feel the coolness within. The fecal matter of cows is also very much useful. In hilly areas cow dung is used as manure. In plains, it is used in preparing cow dung cakes. It acts as fuel to cook food. It is a source of energy in rural India. We burn the cow dung cakes in the rural areas for cooking.

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an essay on cow

An Essay on Cow.

  1. The cow is one of the oldest companions of mankind.
  2. It is considered a mother in India because it gives milk that is only given by the mother.
  3. In India, the cow is worshipped and it is regarded as one of the holiest animals amongst all.
  4. In India, we find various types of cows.
  5. A cow is a quadrupedal animal having four legs and two horns.
  6. It has a vegetarian diet, mainly it lives upon the grass.
  7. It has a special organ called the appendix which helps in the digestion of the grass.
  8. The milk of cow is very much nutritious and very helpful for the development of our bones.
  9. Cow milk is the best source of calcium in our body.
  10. Cow milk also gives us immunity power which strengthens our health.

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