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An essay on internet for children and students in English (2021).

11 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An essay on internet for children and students in English (2021).

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In this age of the internet, we have touched new heights. From big computers to smartwatches, these use the internet to gives us better facilities. The Internet has proven to be a boon for the modern generation in many things especially knowledge sharing. However, there have been various negative uses of the internet too. Hackers have successfully hacked the bank accounts of many people and made them bankrupt. It is very important to know about the internet and its pros and cons. In this essay on the internet let’s discuss various important roles of computers.

Reach of the Internet (for essay on internet in English)

The reach of the internet is wide. We can talk or share videos or even chat from one place on the earth to another in real-time. For example, our distant relatives living in the United States of America can contact us easily through the internet in a time period of less than seconds.

Billions of people are connected with each other through the internet. This is one of the biggest achievements of the 21st

century. Today during the time of pandemic also people are able to do work. It has been only possible through the broad reach of the internet.

Recently due to Covid-19 people are unable to move out of the houses. Internet is one of the greatest means to keep ourselves busy. For students, online classes are being conducted through the internet only.

We cannot imagine the 21st century without the internet. It is only the thing that gives you all the information in one go. However, there can be both negative and positive effects of the internet.

Who is the father Of Internet?

Tim Berners-Lee can be called one of the fathers of the internet. He invented the WWW (World Wide Web). This is responsible for connecting millions of websites over the internet. There are trillions of web pages that can be assessed using the world wide web.

What are the uses of the internet?

The journey of the internet has been short in the course of earth’s history but the development has been too quick. It started with simple things like sending and receiving an email to the cloud-based computers today which are based on Artificial Intelligence.

These days internet networks are also used for generating currency. This currency is called cryptocurrency. The Internet also helps in the verification of the transactions of cryptocurrency. One of the famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin


Convenience to human beings due to Internet

Internet is convenience at our fingertips. In the early days, we had to write the letters and send them through the post office. It would take a lot of time but today due to email we can send important information instantly.

Internet saves a lot of paper. We know that we are already cutting more and more trees which hampers the environment. Due to the internet, there is a reduction in the paper which is being made using bamboo and trees. We can also interact with people across the countries in a matter of seconds.

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Harmful impacts of internet.

Often there is both good and bad associated with a complete thing. Internet too has many serious problems happening in the society which we need to be aware of. This is called cybercrime. They are as follows.

  • 1.   Cyberbullying: People use to bully other people who don’t fit into their thought process by using bad words.
  • 2.   Online Fraud: Online fraud is happing in India in large numbers, bank accounts are being hacked. In the name of the lottery, various scams are happening. People need to be aware of these things. Ensure that there is no sharing of personal details and things like OTP(One time password).
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  • 3.   Hacking: Hackers use different techniques to get information about personal details. Ensure to keep strong passwords for all of your accounts.
  • 4. Cyberextortion: It is also one of the serious problems. People demand money over kidnapping through the online process.

What to do in case of cybercrime?

In case of cybercrime, you should immediately go to the police station and fill an FIR report. You can also visit the cybercrime website of government of India.

In this essay on internet we have learnt many things. Through these points we can also write essay on internet usage and use.  This essay on internet advantages and disadvantages also helps to form paragraphs on the internet for students in English language. We have various internet services and this essay on internet technology will definitely help students to get good marks with this essay writing.

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