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An essay on love (2021)

12 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An essay on love (2021)

essay on love

Love is more powerful than just a word. It is a bonding between the two, or three or even many. It happens not just between two lovers, it is a bonding of father-son, mother-daughter, daughter-father, father-family, teacher-students, leader-population. There are different kinds of love and each one is special. When we are young, our mother loves us and takes care of us at any cost. Our father helps us to get a good future. There is always a special kind of feeling when someone shows extra care to us. However, love cannot be defined in words.

What is Love? (An essay on love)

Love is a word that cannot be defined in phycological terms. We can say that it is all about having some form of emotion and affection towards others. There is no definition of how it happens or when it happens? For some love is just a play of chemicals and hormones within us. It can be a scientific fact but there is so much in its metaphysics.

There are many feelings and emotions of love. For some, it is just about physicality, and for some, it is like an eternal bonding. For some it is divine and only the way to reach God and for some it is family. For some, it is the way of life for some it is to earn money. What we love to do and what we do might sometimes differ. It is very important to first love ourselves. It is the first key to living a better life.


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 Why do you need Love?

Now imagine a situation where a mother leaves her baby in the jungle or some other place. Isn’t it being cruel? This is not human nature. It is certain that 99.9% of mothers love their children. If they don’t love the child there is no nurturement.

We are also the product of love between our parents. Without that love, there would be no existence of us. Basically love is the one thing that creates us and nurtures us. It makes us happy. There is no life without love. It is probably why the philosophers and poets say that love is eternal

Significance of Love

Love is very much important to remain joyful. If there is no love then certainly our stress levels will go high. When there is love there is a strong connection between the mind and the body. So, it not only helps in being mentally fit but it helps in being physically fit. Various people say that love is only the natural anti-depressant. It is completely true.


The depressed ones are those who never love themselves. They feel that no one loves them. So, it is very important to do self-appreciation. It helps in creating a positive environment.

Society, Community, and Love

Within a particular community when there is love between each one there is a special kind of bonding. One is ready to take up the cause of the other. This is one of the best parts of love. It can be said that trust is another name for love, In society, there has to be mutual trust between individuals. The feeling of togetherness is another aspect of this trust.

Relationship with the partner and love.

A relationship with a partner, usually of opposite gender or opposite gender characteristics is said to be the love between two souls. Poets often say that such relationships are made in heaven. The perfect love turns into a great marriage however some end up in a mutual fight. In teenagers, there are certain myths about love. It is very important to realize these myths. They go too deep into the love, it is very harmful. If it breaks, it is really tough for someone to come out of this. It is very important to have self-control and have a focus on self also.  

an essay on love

We can also say that love is wealth. However, wealth has to be used properly in order to live a perfect life. If we get billions of dollars in one day probably we will not know what it takes to earn that much through hard work. In the same way, when you know the true value of love, we become self-sufficient.

However, sometimes there is a self-debate going on in a girl’s mind in maximum cases. It is, whether to choose money or love. The answer is we need love more. Money can be accumulated later also. Love matters first.

Conclusion on essay on love.

Love is life and one of the most beautiful things in the universe. There is no doubt that greatest of the love is that of mother. Without mother there is no life and no nurturement. In the same way we have to love our own nature also. It helps us to become self-sufficient.

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