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An essay on mobile phones in English.

11 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An essay on mobile phones in English.

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Mobile phones are very much useful to communicate with each other in today’s world. It was used just for interacting with people through voice but today we can access all the computer-like facilities on mobile phones. Mobile phones have really made our lives more comfortable. It is from making phone calls to surf into our YouTube and Facebook accounts. Be it from counting the calories burned to measure heartbeat through digital fit ware. This is the main reason why mobile phones today are also called smartphones.

In this mobile phone essay, we would like to discuss various advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in today’s world. This essay on mobile phones describes greatly the usage of mobile phones. You can learn various points from this essay on a mobile phones to further frame other essays for both junior and senior students.

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Advantages of Mobile Phones (Essay on advantages of mobile phone)

We have many advantages of mobile phone. In this section of this essay on mobile phone let’s see some of the advantages of using smart phone in 21st century.

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The best medium to stay connected with our dear ones and the world is mobile phones. In earlier times there used to be no connection between distant relatives. Today due to the smartphone revolution we can connect with them through various processes like video calls, voice calls, email, text messages, etc.

A perfect mode of entertainment.

Mobile phones are the surest way of entertainment. There are mediums like YouTube that give us 24 by 7 entertainment. Social media and the internet give us every possible way to get entertainment. There are many apps through which we can watch films, tv series, our favorite reality shows, and many more.



Today we don’t need to carry physical books in order to read them while traveling. You can download and read any books in digital form through a mobile phone.

Managing office work and school

It is for sure that COVID-19 pandemic has been there since quite a long time. Offices and schools are closed. However, due to the mobile phones meetings and classes are on hands at ease.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones Essay

Dependent on Mobile Phones for Easier Taska.

Sometimes we become more dependent upon our mobile phones. For example, for simple calculations, we open a calculator app.

Lack of Social Behaviour.

Due to excess use of social media people tend to become social on social media platforms only. When there comes time to be social in society, people visit there just to click and share the photograph on social media.


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Privacy Loss

The major issue of mobile phones in today’s world is privacy loss. Your personal information doesn’t remain personal if you don’t understand the terms and conditions of various services. There are cases like data theft where your personal data is shared with strangers.


We saw various advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones in this mobile phone essay. Smartphones are indeed an integral part of one’s life but we have to use them carefully in order to make a balance in life. Let’s use it properly.