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An essay on my aim in life (2021)

12 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An essay on my aim in life (2021)

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Having an aim in life is very important in order to get success. It is for sure that almost everything in the universe has a certain aim. However, human beings have a special kind of provision amongst all. We have the choice, we can choose what we want to do in life. The temperament in every individual varies so the aim in life.

In a similar way, my temperament is kind of a mixture of happiness and joy. I like to serve the people of the nation without getting involved in politics. In this essay on my aim in life, I would like to discuss how I got my aim and how I am going to achieve it in life.


What is my Aim in life?

The aim of my life is to do social work and help people in every possible way. We all know that Climate Change and Pollution are happening rapidly. We the human beings have caused damage to our environment in such a way that some of the things cannot be brought back. One of the examples being the extinction of the dodo bird. I want to make people aware of these things. Eventually, it will give me satisfaction and I will live a better life in the future.

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How I will achieve my aim in life?

My teachers teach me one of the basic things to do while getting my ambition. It is called SWOT analysis. The full form is SWOT is Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threat. I have understood my strength and weakness. There will be opportunities that I should never lose while using my strengths. I also have to look for the threats which I will be facing in my journey. For example one being, there will be a lot of questions coming in your way to be answered. I have to prepare all well in advance.

an essay on aim in my life

What is vision and why it is important to achieve the aim in my life?

Every successful people have the vision of the ambition. We have to make a mental image about the scenario when we will get success, what are the works to be done to achieve that vision into the reality. There is certainly the element of struggle in the life but, it is very important to keep the dreams alive. APJ Abul Kalam rightly said, a dream is the thing that never lets you sleep. There is a need to thrive and do all the best possible ways to achieve the aim.


Conclusion: (an essay on aim in my life)

The aim of my life is to become a social worker. I will do my best in order to achieve it. I will do all the hard work in order to achieve my goals. The SWOT analysis is one of the best things to do before making any aim.

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