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An essay on rainy season for students and children in English (2021).

10 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An essay on rainy season for students and children in English (2021).

rain drops from rainy season

The rainy season brings joy to the environment. Let’s discuss in this essay on rainy season the importance of this season.

Rainy Season for Students in 2021.

There are four seasons namely.

  1. Spring Season
  2. Summer Season
  3. Autumn Season (Fall)
  4. Winter Season

Let’s see these paragraphs for the essay on rainy season 2021.

Rainy season comes under the summer season. It is also called monsoon in India. The winds coming from the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea bring this season to India. It brings the season of agriculture to India. Hence rainy season is very much important for people across the world including India.

The Rainy season is also known as the season of fertility in various folklores. In this fertile season, the trees get proper nurturement. We see new leaves in the branches of the trees. It enhances the beauty of nature. The fresh environment is seen everywhere.


In the Rainy season, the rivers and ponds get filled with water. The level of water increases and there is better groundwater recharge. Along with the beauty of nature, there are also catastrophes of heavy rain and floods. Yearly due to heavy floods many people lose their lives. The Indian Meteorological Department predicts the rainfall pattern. These predictions are broadcasted on television and radios, and people are told to evacuate the place. 

The flood also damages the agricultural production. It hampers the overall economy of the nation.

Here are the set of 5 lines and 10 lines on rainy season.

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5 lines on Rainy season in English

  1. The rainy season is one of the most beautiful seasons in India.
  2. The rainy season brings beauty to the nature through nourishment of plants and trees.
  3. It helps farmers to grow crops.
  4. Rainy Season also brings floods to various places.
  5. The flood in the rainy season hampers the life of crops as well as human beings.

10 line on Rainy Seasons in English

An essay on rainy season
  1. Rainy Season commonly known as monsoon starts the rain showers in June and ends in October.
  2. There are two variants of the rainy season in India, one is called arrival and the other is withdrawal.
  3. The rainy season makes the weather pleasant for plants and animals.
  4. The rainy season increases the water in the natural reservoirs.
  5. It also recharges the groundwater.
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  7. The rainy season is the best season for rice cultivation in India.
  8. In India during the rainy season, heavy flooding takes place.
  9. Floods bring various hazards to human life.
  10. It damages the crops.
  11. The flood in the rainy season also hampers the life of people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the rainy season?

Rainy season in India is about the onset of monsoon by the winds coming from sea.

What is the time period for the rainy season in India?

In India, the onset happens in June and offset happens at October.

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