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An essay on television (Top Amazing essays 2021)

11 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An essay on television (Top Amazing essays 2021)

an essay on television kid

Television is one of the greatest inventions of humankind. It is a device used for all in one purpose. It gives us daily entertainment followed by the new updates. We are able to know about daily happenings across the nation and world through the television itself. Today it is in almost every house. Without television, we cannot imagine life. From TV Series, daily soaps, cartoons, to news they are now an integral part of human life. 

TV not only has a positive impact but it has negative impacts too. It is harmful, especially for kids. They stick in the beds to watch their favorite cartoons for more time. It hampers their studies. Due to the pandemic Covid-19, children are more attracted to television and mobile phones.  In this essay on television, we will see both the benefits and disadvantages of watching television.


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Advantages of Watching Television.

No doubt that tv was one of the best inventions that humans had to date. They give us a very cheap mode of entertainment. We don’t need to travel to various places to watch different shows related to music or dance. We get all the dose of entertainment at our home only.

It helps us to get what is happening in the world through various news channels. There is no need to read lengthy newspapers in order to get updated. You can get all dose of the news around the world at your houses.

These days there are various paid services on the television that helps us to study. There are separate channels dedicated to studies. The government of India has introduced the SWAYAM platform for the same purpose.


Television also helps us to develop our skills. We can learn music, learn dance, learn public speaking, and many more. We can also know what is happening in our parliament. However, there are many negative impacts of television.

Disadvantages of watching television. (essay on television)

There are various TV shows based on violence and crime. Sometimes it encourages the youth to take up the negative part. They get involved in violence and other activities which hamper human cool. Television can be addictive for kids and even for adults. Watching the TV for more hours can damage our eyesight too.

It is common that most people don’t follow proper posture while watching television. This can have a negative impact on our spinal cord and back. The other major disadvantage of television is about biasness in News. There is various news channel which shares the narrative based on their own thought process. It is common that there are two narratives of similar kinds of stuff.


This gives rise to strong ideological bias in the one who watches that particular News channel. This makes youth choose a side based on their own thought process. This hampers the independence of choice of thoughts among the youth. It also takes the intelligence of a person. So the News channels must be watched with proper awareness. The narratives need to understand.

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