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An Essay on water pollution for Students (updated: 2021).

11 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An Essay on water pollution for Students (updated: 2021).

an essay on water pollution for students

We know that water consists of more than 70 percent of the earth’s total area. There are rivers, lakes, sea and ocean which feeds up the life process in the earth. Sea or Ocean water is not fit for drinking but they provide shelters for billions and trillions of sea creatures. However, due to human activities, the water bodies are being polluted. It is all due to the waste products being thrown in the river, sea, or oceans. In our body also there is 76 percent water. No doubt that water is the essence of life on Earth. 

What is Water Cycle?

Water cycle is one of the most important ecological process of the Earth. To understand it you have to understand simple processes like Evaporation, Condensation and Precipitation. Evaporation is the process through which water turns into vapour, further when it cools it turns to water.

essay on water pollution: water cycle

When the water is heated by the sun, it evaporates and moves towards the atmosphere. It is naturally cooled and comes to us in the form of droplets. The winds carry these droplets to various places in the form of rain, snow, or hailstones, this is called precipitation. This whole process repeats every year. It is the water cycle. Water pollution hampers the natural water cycle.


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What is Water Pollution?

When the water bodies are contaminated enough to cause harm to the living organism, it is called water pollution. The contamination happens in various levels from the pond, lakes, rivers, aquifers, ground water, sea and oceans. Human activities is the major cause of water pollution. However there are also natural causes of water pollution like sedimentation and weathering.  

What are the Sources of Water Pollution?

Human Made:

  • Domestic Waste
  • Industrial effluents
  • Insecticides and pesticides
  • Detergents and Fertilizers

Natural Sources:

  • Sedimentation and Weathering.
  • Excess Nutrition (Eutrophication).

There are many sources of water pollution they are natural as well as artificial. The artificial or human-induced sources are greater. Most of the time, the industrial effluents are direct. They go to the rivers which hamper the life in the water. There are other natural sources like sedimentation and weathering followed by excess nutrition. An excess amount of nutritional elements into the oceans caused by natural processes also cause water pollution.

an essay on water pollution for students

What are the harmful Impacts of Water Pollution?

There are various negative impacts of Water Pollution are. They are as follows.

Diseases and Illness: 

When human beings consume polluted water there is induction of health complications. It includes typhoid, cholera, hepatitis, skin diseases, and many more.

Ecosystem collapse:

An ecosystem is a place where both the biotic and abiotic factors meet. This is the most essential component for the functioning of life on the earth. It can collapse when there is no perfect balance. For example, if there is a misbalance in the water cycle, there can be negative impacts for farmers because there shall be no rain.


Another major impact is eutrophication. It is excess the process which encourages the growth of various forms of algae. It can be either be natural or human induced. The eutrophication reduces the amount of oxygen from the water. It hampers the marine and aquatic life.

Effects of the food chain: 

Food chain can be hampered. The intake of polluting agents by smaller fish can lead to damage of larger fish. Larger fish intakes the larger fish. Also, humans consume fish.

Prevention of Water Pollution

The prevention of water pollution can be possible by considering the reduction of human induced wastes to the water bodies.

Treatment of sewage: 

Waste water treatment should be our first priority. The untreated waste products hampers the quality of water in the river and oceans.

Segregation of waste and recycling.

The waste products must be segregated in accordance with its toxicity and must be recycled.

3 Rs

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the best method to overcome all forms of pollution. Major source of pollution in river is plastics.

Conclusion (essay on water pollution)

We cannot imagine life without water. The beings are fortunate enough to get this precious boon from nature. However, we are not understanding its true importance. We have to take care of our future by keeping the water bodies clean. We can use the products like Environment-Friendly Detergents, Segregation, and recycling of waste products, and many more. The first step begins at the home.


End of essay on water pollution.

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You can use this essay for essay writing in essay on water pollution in India. These points will also be helpful in understanding the ideas for causes of water pollution essay. There are many frequently asked questions on water pollution essay pdf. This short essay having paragraphs on water pollution will also help you to frame an essay on water pollution and it’s prevention. We have provided causes, effects and control of water pollution in this essay on water pollution. This essay is applicable for both senior students and junior students. Hope you find it interesting. Keep updated with Scientific Nation.