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Appreciation- Creates Positive Environment

Appreciation is a term that we use daily, directly, or indirectly, to create a positive environment at home or office, and any other place. The term is very unprecedented and always forms an intangible bond between two ideologies. I believe that appreciation is a skill because it supports a being, making the connection beautifully. It helps to erase negative thoughts while working and at the same time, it provides deep pleasure and calm mind at any place.

I remember an incident when I was a child. I was learning Urdu at my home from my teacher. I was facing struggle while learning a new language. I lost my enthusiasm to learn a new language and I almost decided to leave to learn a new language. But my teachers understood my situation and they started appreciating me in class to reproduce my interest in learning a new language. This appreciation enhanced my thoughts and erased all the negative thoughts. I slowly started learning a new language. But this happened only because of his praiseworthy words. Here, what I want to convey is, support for appreciation comes out of the negative environment. I remember one of my favourite quotes by Kristin Armstrong.

“When we focus on our gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in.”

Additionally, gratitude or appreciation encourages the person to learn new impeccable skills. I know, each person has different skills and each one hone them regularly. But appreciation motivates a person to learn more. However, we first have to understand the potential in them, and then we have to encourage them in their own specific area. If we encourage them to gradually increase their capacity, the result will be manifestation of the best from their ability. Einstein said rightly “Everyone is a genius, but if you judge a fish on the basis of its ability to climb a tree, it will live its entire life, believing that it is a fool.

Adamant question arises in the mind. How do you appreciate a person in a positive way and support them to learn and enhance their existing skills? Admittedly, if a person is good at communication, but his writing style is not so good. Therefore, in that case, we should appreciate them in their own communication style and encourage them to learn writing. But appreciation should be based on evidence, evidence can be an observation, experience, and literature.

Finally, I must say that appreciation is a process of solving the problem and it creates a space for each person. It creates an invisible bond of love and compassion in any place, it can be an office, home, and more. It supports people to learn new things along with their existing skills. Appreciation includes critical analysis, experience, thinking about problems, and reflective practices.

Azazul Khan is an alumnus of St. Andrew’s College and Gandhi Fellowship. He has done B.Sc. in Biology. He was the part of Dainik Jagran Youth Parliament, an initiative of Dainik Jagran. He designed a project Naqsh during his fellowship, which was selected as best innovation project in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. His interest area lies in development sector specifically in Public Policy.

2 thoughts on “Appreciation- Creates Positive Environment

  1. Oh my god…! Azaz sir it was a wonderful article written by you. The whole article reflect me about Social Emotional Ethical Learning which is very important in one’s life.
    Felt mesmerized after reading and reflecting it.
    God bless you Azaz sir..!
    All the best.

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