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Author: Editorial

The tiger is the national animal of India. It is a carnivorous animal that feeds upon other herbivorous animals. We find tigers in many places across the world. However, the population of tigers was decreased due the pollution and excess human activities. In China, people earn money while selling nails and other portions of the […]

Dreams are a very important part of one’s life. Someone aspiring to get success should have a dream. There are many aims in life. However, without dreaming about them, there is no success. APJ Abdul Kalam had often said that we should never leave our dreams. We have to keep on dreaming. Here are two […]

Reading is one of the best habits required in order to keep the learning process alive. It is good because it nurtures us with knowledge. Reading is all about exploring a whole new life and a whole new world. In the beginning, it is tough to get a perfect reading habit but the speed comes […]

Success is something that is not achieved in a single day. There is a famous proverb Rome was not build in a single day. This is a fact because success depends on the efforts and hard work that we put. There is also an element of smart work. Sometimes, to achieve success we need to […]

Cybercrime is the biggest threat to the people of the 21st Century. It is not only about stealing or hacking into someone’s account. There is a lot more in the name of cybercrime. There is a whole web associated with the Cyber Crime called Dark Web. In this, all the crime activities are carried out […]

Communication is something that makes the connection between individuals. Be it animals or birds, communication is the essence of the life processes. In human beings, good communication can make you a leader and bad communication can make you a failure. Proper communication can solve almost all of your problems and lack of proper communication increases […]

Fashion is something that is the essence of life in the 21st Century. It is the best form of aesthetic expression. Fashion is something that is seen in clothing, footwear, makeup, etc. It is a tool that makes the human body look more beautiful. Without fashion, we could only see the early men roaming in […]

Knowledge is one of the weapons that can be used to fight against ignorance. Somewhere within the lack of knowledge leads to ignorance in us. We simply ignore things because we don’t know about them. The knowledge helps us to understand the true importance of life. It also helps in distinguishing the humanitarian traits and […]

My favorite subject is Science. I love science because it makes me excited to learn about new technology. I always get good marks in Science because my teacher teaches best. He makes us imagine the things rather than saying only the things written in the books. Click here to read an essay on Science. Why […]

Money is very important for survival on the Earth. We can buy almost everything with it but we cannot buy happiness from money. People work hard to earn money. Without the money earned due to hard work by our parents, we would have not gotten so much education. There are many business, many entrepreneurs thriving […]