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About Anti-particles; Physics Says, Universe Shouldn’t have Existed.

An Universe-gobbling Mistake What will happen if you take ten positive integers and add them up to ten negative integers? Zero, right? In the particle world, there are particles and anti-particles that destroy each other on collision

Detecting A Neutrino

Let’s get back to the question we started this series with. How do you see something that weighs nothing, looks like nothing, and interacts with nothing? The answer is that it does weigh a little. So little

Why care about ghosts among the particles?

At 7:35 am UTC on February 23, 1987, the Kamiokande II detector in Japan suddenly detected more than 10 anti-neutrinos. It was designed to detect proton decay, so this was not a regular event at the detector,

Neutrinos, a Ghost in the Particles.

The Strange Ghost. Have you ever imagined a ghost-like thing passing through your body without ever being noticed by you? There are trillions of particles that pass through your body and you never know it in your