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Best Essay on importance of education (2021) 500 words Essay.

10 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Best Essay on importance of education (2021) 500 words Essay.

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Education makes us live a wonderful and prosperous life. It makes us humble, respected, and professional. In the modern world, education is not only about teaching and learning. It is also about applying it in life for the greater good. In this best essay on the importance of education, we are going to discuss why we need better education in life.

An essay on importance of education in life for students and children.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

As rightly said by Nelson Mandela, education(शिक्षा) is the most powerful weapon through which we can change the world. The right form of education is required in order to do greater things in society. It might not only come from the schools but from the house and the society too. Our first teachers are our parents, we have to learn how they love us and present that to society.


As it is quoted by Francis Bacon: “Knowledge is power.” Indeed it is true, knowledge is power and proper education can only give us this power. 

Education is key to getting a good character. It helps us to become well behaved in society. It further ensures that we are well respected. One of the major things that education does in one’s life is: it shades ignorance completely. People start accepting the functioning and science behind everything. Life is all about training and applying. Education is all about that training which we apply in our lives.

Education nurtures our minds. (शिक्षा हमारे मन को भी पोषित करती है।) It makes us thinkers. However, it is more important to learn the skills of critical thinking. For this, we require to accept our identity by looking into the local and national history. We have to be able to judge our past to make better decisions for the present so that our future becomes better.

Without education, we are just a process happening just like that on the Earth. Education fills our empty minds and gives us a new identity. This furthers strengthens our actions for the greater good. Education is very much important in life to get a better identity. Education doesn’t necessarily come from books, the main place from which it comes is our life experiences. We have to adapt and learn to accept all the goods and bad of our lives without any expectations.


A person having a good education is always aware of the choices he/she makes. In society, we are judged by the actions that we choose. The strength to choose better action is given by good education.

In India, the right to education(शिक्षा का अधिकार) is kept at utmost importance. Each child below 14 in government schools is entitled to get better benefits. To encourage learning in the rural areas, the government of India provides free mid-day meals to poor kids. Today also in India, many people are unable to send their children to school. It hampers their better future.


It is very much important to get a better education for everyone. Be it poor or rich, everyone deserves an education. To make India a superpower we need to make our country 100% literate.

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essay on importance of education

10 Line Essay on Importance of Education.

  1. A good education makes us well respected in the society.
  2. Education gives us better jobs to earn and live.
  3. Education makes us live a better life.
  4. Education is about constant teaching and learning process.
  5. Education makes us fufill our dreams.
  6. Without a better education there is no good in the society
  7. Without Education, a country cannot be developed.
  8. We have to make our country leader by becoming more educated.
  9. We have to encourage poor kids for enrolling them in schools.

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