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As it is a well-known fact that Covid-19 is a pandemic that has caused millions of casualties in the world. There are dangerous variants like Omicron still active across many places. However, Sikkim being a small state has been tackling the pandemic well through Covid appropriate behavior across the places. Though, it needs to be […]

The melting of Glaciers is of wide concern for the Earth. A major cause is global warming and the effect is the sea-level rise and the formation of glacial lakes. On school days, everyone has read that water freezes below 0 degrees celsius. You can imagine, what would happen when the temperature rises to 1-degree […]

Six mass extinctions are the catastrophic events that caused the wiping out the different species on the Earth. 5 Mass extinctions have already happened, we are on the verge of the 6th Mass Extinction. Before looking at the list, let’s understand what Mass Extinction is all about? What is Mass Extinction? Everyone has heard about […]

Milankovitch cycles are the cyclical motions related to the Earth’s orbit. It was discovered by a Serbian Scientist named Milutin Milanković. According to the Milankovitch theory, there is variation in heat coming to the earth from the sun during different kinds of orbital phases. The Milankovitch Cycles also deal with changes in climatic patterns. Image […]

Nature Culture is a relationship that has been considered deeply in various philosophies. It gives us an idea that Nature and Culture are mutually co-existent. For a long time, there was an idea that Nature and Culture are separate entities called having Nature Culture dichotomy. However due to constant interrogation of the scholarly ideas has […]

Forests are important for mitigating Climate Change because they provide one of the most important strategies to deal with climate change i.e. Carbon Sink. Here are a few facts from the Article. Forests act as one of the Major Carbon Sinks. The loss and degradation of forests across the globe has been one of the […]

Teesta River Dispute Summary: Teesta River dispute is summarised as follows. Ganga Water Treaty was signed between India and Bangladesh in 1996 regarding fair and equitable distribution of Ganga Water from the Farraka Barrage. Bangladesh has sought the distribution of Teesta Water on similar grounds. There was an attempt at an interim deal in 2011 […]

The weather of India varies from the southernmost tip to the northernmost part of India. The degree of variation in the Effects of Climate Change in India is also greater. The nation has an altitude ranging from 0 m on the sea surface to 8,611 m in Mount Godwin Austin, the highest peak of India. […]

OUR COMMON FUTURE or Brundtland Commission Report named after the former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland, was published by United Nation in 1987. The report is a meticulous attempt to understand persisting socio-economic and environment-related problems around the globe. The central theme of the report is ‘sustainability’, and aspirations to achieve sustainable development. This […]

Introduction In contemporary times, when more than half of the world resides in urban, it has become indispensable to contemplate cities’ sustainability. This idea of sustainable cities brings up the importance of ecological sustainability from the periphery to the core of the discourse. Historically, nature is imagined as something outside the city. This conventional imagination […]