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Essay on a Journey by Train

16 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on a Journey by Train


Journey by train is always the most memorable journey of life. India is the nation where the lifelines are the train tracks. The Train connects from the southernmost tip to the northernmost part of India. It also connects from the northeastern part to the west. The journey in train gives you immense experiences of life. It also makes you understand the condition of the people across different parts. There is certainly a great amount of aura in a journey by train.

Journey by Train and Experiences.

There have been always wonderful experiences with the Train. My journey by train started during my early childhood. I remember traveling in-group from the New Jalpaiguri Station to Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh. I and my family with some of our neighbors were on a pilgrim tour to one of the holy places in Andhra Pradesh.


Since I belong to the hilly area, the journey towards the plains was my first time. I could see the life of people from the window of the train. I saw people doing open defecation and poor people living in the huts. I also saw large paddy fields in different places. The farmers working in their field looked just awesome.

essay on a journey by train

During my college times, I traveled from the same station to Chennai. It would take almost 40-42 hours to reach the destination. During this time, I used to do a lot of things with my friends. One of my favorites was to play ludo and card games.

During the nighttime, I would take the berth for sleeping purposes. However, the sound of the tra in and whistling of tracks would disturb the sleep at maximum times.


Why Travel by Train?

Sometimes, there are journeys by bus when the distance is around 8-14 hours. However, in buses, there is a chance of traffic jams. Especially during the nighttime heavy vehicles rest at the side of the road. This makes the route very congested. The train makes such journeys more flexible than the buses.

In the longer journeys, one can explore the nation through the windows. The large fields of the farmers, poor people living aside, and many more. The train also offers interaction with many people who are with you till the journey only. We can talk and share our life experiences with them.

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Conclusion: Essay on a Journey by Train

The journey by train is one of the best journeys to have in the life. It makes you see your whole country through the windows. It also offers interaction with the people who are with us till this journey only.


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Some FAQs on Essay on a Journey by Train.

Q1 How do you write a journey essay?

A1 You can write a journey essay through the above example of journey by train. You have to share your experiences while writing such essays.

Q2 How do I write a journey experience?

A2 You can write your journey experience by sharing your views on what you feel while travelling. You can take above example.