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Best essay on autumn season for students

16 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Best essay on autumn season for students

fall season

The Autumn Season is also called the fall season. It is the time when the leaves fall to the ground that’s why it is known as fall. It is one of the driest seasons. Autumn Season comes just after the rainy season.

The Autumn Season starts on the 22nd of September every year. This day is also known as Autumn Equinox. In the Equinoxes, the days and nights are of the same length. In this season there are various activities seen from the Animal and Plants. In India, it is also one of the most mystical seasons in the Year.

essay on autumn season

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Essay on Autumn Season.

  1. Autumn season is also known as fall Season.
  2. Autumn season is called fall Season because leaves start falling to the ground.
  3. Autumn season Starts in September and ends in December.
  4. By the end of the sutumn season, there are very less amount of leaves present in the trees.
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  6. This season is the transition between hot summers and cold winters.
  7. In sutumn season, birds start collecting and storing their food.
  8. Various colors of leaves like yellow, brown, orange, and red are seen all over the ground.
  9. There is a significant change in the weather pattern during the fall season.
  10. The autumn season is my favorite season because the weather is neither so cold nor so hot.
  11. Autumn Season is my favorite season of the Year.
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In this descriptive essay about autumn, a description of the autumn season has been done for kids and students. This essay on autumn season is also for class 6. Visit SciNats Kids section to read more.