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Essay on Biodiversity

14 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Biodiversity


Biodiversity is the diversity of different species on Earth. In simple terms we can call it the varieties of flora and fauna present at the Earth. Biodiversity is a key player in the maintenance of the ecosystem. Almost everything on the Earth is dependent on biodiversity. However, biodiversity is being reduced due to increased human activities. If it is not stopped soon, we might lose the existence of many species.

Types of diversities.

Alpha diversity : Alpha diversity refers to the average species diversity in a particular area. We can call it as a local diversity.

Beta Diversity: Beta diversity refers to the ratio between alpha diversity and regional diversity. This is the diversity of species between two regions.


Gamma diversity is the total diversity of a landscape and is a combination of both alpha and beta diversity.

Importance of Biodiversity.

Biodiversity is very much important for ecological balance. The process like the food chain is one of the examples of ecological balance by the biodiversity.

There are many species that are listed as endangered and vulnerable. Many have already lost their existence from the Earth. We need to protect Biodiversity because everything on the Earth is connected to each other. For example, the plant requires sunlight for photosynthesis, the animal requires plants and this continues.

The major problem that Biodiversity is facing is that of deforestation. The forests are only the home of millions of species. They are being destroyed. Imagine an unknown person destroying your house. The same is happing with the animals and plants. We are destroying their homes.

How to do Biodiversity Conservation?

Setting up the gardens

The first step to everything starts from the home only. Setting up the garden in our homes is the first thing. We can create our own artificial garden and keep various animals. This will also help in maintaining the fresh air at our homes.

essay on biodiversity

Wildlife corridors.

Recently we have constructed many infrastructures between the forests. Roads and pathways for the trains hamper the movement of the animals. Hence a wildlife corridor can be made in order to let them roam freely.

Protected areas and Reserved Forests.

There can be the formation of protected areas like sanctuaries in order to save wildlife. In India, there are varieties of Reserved forests and protected areas. Also one of the Biodiversity hotspots falls in India. A Biodiversity hotspot is an area where there is a very high number of varieties for different species.


Focusing on Natural Protection.

There are many Artificial zoos which are made for the fun. The zoos have lesser areas. It is not good for their free movement. We have to focus more on Natural Protection than Artificial. We can instead make wildlife sanctuaries instead of zoos. Reforestation is also the best solution to protect the Biodiversity naturally.

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