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Essay on Birds in 2021

17 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Birds in 2021


Birds are the most special creatures which we can ever see in the sky. They are incredible because they can fly in the sky. Often we imagine that what would be it like to fly over the sky with wings. This is a fantasy of almost every individual on Earth. Once in life, we should have certainly thought of taking a flight with wings.

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Why are Birds so important?

There are different kinds of birds. Some are small as 2 inches and some are large as 2.8m. The largest bird in the world is Ostrich. The smallest of all is the hummingbird. Scientists say the birds appeared on the earth more than 160 million years ago.

essay on birds

There are birds that cannot fly like Penguins and there are birds that fly at very high speed like Swift. There are also birds that can speak like humans and show good intelligence. These birds are Corvidae and Parrots.

One of the most celebrated birds in Indian folklore is the peacocks. They are large birds. They are the indicators of good weather. We even have birds like Vultures that feed upon the dead and Eagles which feed upon the alive.

Birds can predict the condition of the weather. In earlier days pigeons were used to send letters. However, it is banned these days. The migration of birds brings various foreign seeds and pollens of plants which are useful. However, some of such plants are invasive species.


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Essay on My Favourite Bird

My favorite birds are Eagle and Parrot. It flies high in the sky without any fear. They are among the fastest birds. Their eyes are so sharp that they can detect their prey from high above the sky. Eagles are black in color.

Parrot is a colourful bird, it is found in various parts of the world. Parrots are usually of small size but they are very intelligent. Life span of parrot varies. Larger ones like cockatoos can live up-to 80 years while smaller ones can live for 15 years. Parrots even can imitate the voice of human beings.


Conclusion of the Essay on Birds

Birds are very important creatures of the Earth. However, due to pollution and other human activities, they are losing their existence. We already have lost Dodo from the Earth. If we don’t reduce our activities, we might lose many other species from the Earth. Global Warming and Pollution are evils for the Birds.

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