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Essay on Brain Drain

16 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Brain Drain


Brain Drain is a slang often used to depict the stealing of talent from any individual or group. There are countries that cannot give proper value to the talent. This results in other countries taking advantage of the issue. They take the talented people to work for them on a suitable value. Sometimes, it cannot be said as Brain Drain. There is a choice of an individual involved.

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Different Types of Brain Drain

Geographical Brain Drain

In the geographical Brain Drain individuals having best of the skills are taken by other countries. They offer high amount of money, in return they use their Brains for them. These jobs are high paying. It is very important to recognize the talent of an individual. Better paying jobs gives people high security of the life. However, there is negative impact in the economy of the country from which they have been sent.


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Organizational Brain Drain

Sometimes one organization fail to keep their employees. They fail to provide better facilities and the salary. It results in the skill of an individual being transferred to another organization. This type of Brain Drain is very much harmful to an organization’s economy.

essay on brain drain

Industrial Brain Drain  

In the Industrial Brain Dran people from one industry move to the other industry. It is all because some type of industry pays better than others. For example, an IIT graduate sometimes becomes a fiction author and sometimes an actor. It is one of the cases of Industrial Brain Drain in India.

Brain Drain by different Geographical Regions

There is mainly the brain Drain from African and Asian countries to the Europe and Americas. The African nations have a lot of talent in almost every field. However, most of the African countries are poor. This leads to other countries taking away their talent. The most affected nations are Nigeria and Kenya.


Various people from Nepal are moving to gulf countries and other foreign nations. The economy of Nepal is not good. This results in Brain Drain of the talent from Nepal to other countries.

From the India, Brain Drain happens mostly to the American Regions and Gulf countries. People from Punjab regions mostly go to Canada to earn better money. The Muslim minority of India go to Gulf Countries.

Conclusion: Essay on Brain Drain

Brain Drain is slang but there are its serious implications. Individuals must choose to stay in their own country and try to make it economically stable. Also, each country should identify the value of real talents. Brain Drain happens mostly because nations cannot pay better salaries and due to corruption there is favoritism and Nepotism. There can be advantages of Brain Drain for the host country and disadvantages for the sending country.


FAQs on Brain Drain

Q1 What is Brain Drain in Simple Words?

A1 Brain Drain is a slang used to depict the transfer of talent from one region or place to another. It is common because developing countries fail to pay better salary to an individual.

Q2 What is brain drain and its effect?

A2 The brain drain takes away the skill from one nation. It hampers economy of a nation in negative way.

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