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Essay on Cleanliness in 2021

14 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Cleanliness in 2021


Cleanliness is to be clean for living a healthy life. It is a thing that needs to learn through experiences. The forced learning of cleanliness never works. It is one of the best habits of an individual. It is very important to recognize the importance of cleanliness.

Who should practice cleanliness?

Everyone should follow cleanliness because it is essential for having good health. It is well-known fact that health is wealth. For having good health cleanliness is required at best. The Indian Government had started one of the best plans to improve the cleanliness in the country. It was named Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Through th is scheme, many villages were made open defecation free. There was a strong misbelief in people that open defecation is a good practice. However, this made streets and many other places dirty. Also, various other practices were implemented to make India a Clean place to live in.

essay on cleanliness

Cleanliness is essential as the shelter and food. Certainly one who is clean can only be happy and live fit. You can think of a person who is filled with dirt, no one will accept him because he carries harmful bacteria and microorganisms. They cause disease and illness to human beings. Not only the human beings but they even can cause disease to the living organisms. In reality, pollution is also one form of dirt. We can make the Earth pollution free only if we keep our environment clean.

Cleanliness makes us stay fresh also. It is the part of our lifestyle. Hence it is very important to accept the cleanliness. We have to follow basic practices to start with.

How can we keep ourselves and our surroundings clean?

The first basic step starts from the home. We have to first maintain our habit. Brushing the teeth, twice daily. Using the broom to clean the house. Segregation of the waste and many more. The most important thing is waste segregation.


Waste segregation is a process through which we segregate the dry waste and the wet waste. The wet waste include vegetables, rice, etc. which are bio degradable. Dry waste include those which are non-biodegradable like plastics. We can use the wet waste in our fields, it can act as the manure. The dry waste can be recycled to form something new. You can also tell the people of your municipal area to use the segregated waste for doing good stuff.

Weekly we can give some time for beautifying nature. This includes the cleanliness of your neighborhood and plantation drives. Plantation of trees will give fresh oxygen and will also help us to fight air pollution and global warming. We will always feel fresh if we see the green trees around.

Conclusion: Essay on Cleanliness

Cleanliness is very important in order to live a wonderful and healthy life. One must start it from the home itself. Lack of cleanliness invites many diseases. These diseases are not only harmful for the human beings but for plants and animals also. We have to ensure that we always plant trees in our neighbourhood.


FAQ on Cleanliness

Q.1 Why is cleanliness in simple words?

A.1 Cleanliness is a practice in which we keep ourselves and our environment clean.

Q.2What is importance of cleanliness?

A.2 Cleanliness is important because it helps us to remain healthy without any disease or illness.

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