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Essay on Co-education in 2021

17 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Co-education in 2021

co education

Co-education is the education for both boys and girls at the same place or institution. In short form, it is called co-ed. In this form of education, both girls and boys learn in the same college or institution. It is a fact that a girl and a boy have to live together in society. Co-education helps to adapt to society. There are states such as Sikkim and other parts of the northeast where almost 90% of the educational institutions are of co-education.

Why Co-education is important for students?

Co-education is very important in order to understand social intelligence. There are biological differences

between the male and female because of the hormones and some other organs. The hormones make emotional intelligence different in males and females. It is very important for both genders to understand each other to live completely.

essay on co education

Co-Education also helps students to compete well. It is certain that there are approximately 50% of males and 50% of females. So, when there is a co-ed institute, there is certainly a bigger amount of people involved. Competition increases and the quality of education becomes better.

It also helps both genders to become better human beings in society. Most of the times the boys due to emotional ignorance cannot figure out what the other gender is all about. It results in major misunderstandings.  

The co-education also helps to remove discrimination

. There is certainly more competition which helps both of the genders to grow properly.


What are the Advantages of Co-education?

There are various advantages to co-education. The first one is understanding the value of another gender. It also helps to understand emotional and social intelligence better. There is respect between the two genders.

Co-Education also helps teachers to teach to different genders without any social prejudice. In each and every event students can participate and compete against each other. Co-Existence is natural so, adapting in co-ed institutes is the best to understand this metaphysics.

It also helps students to prepare themselves for the real world. In any co-ed institutes, students live in a controlled setting where there is the development of mutual respect for each gender. During childhood, there is hesitation when a boy wants to talk with a girl or vice versa. This is completely not applicable in any Co-Ed Institute.

Conclusion of the Essay on Co-Education

Co-education is a very important system where both a boy and girl are seen as students. There is more social and emotional understanding. Further it prepares the students for the life which is about to come in the future. There is also a competition which creates better qualities in the students.

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