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Essay on communication and importance

18 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on communication and importance


Communication is something that makes the connection between individuals. Be it animals or birds, communication is the essence of the life processes. In human beings, good communication can make you a leader and bad communication can make you a failure. Proper communication can solve almost all of your problems and lack of proper communication increases your problems.

Hence it is very much important to communicate at best. To survive in the 21st century you would certainly need communication skills. The internet has made the communication process easier than before. However, the level of communication has also been increased. In this essay on communication, we will explore why communication is important.


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What is Communication?

Communication is the process of sending and receiving any form of information through any medium called channel. In any medium, there are blockages called barriers. One of the most common barriers to communication is language. In the world, there are lakhs and crores of languages. In India also we have thousands of languages. Sometimes there is no communication between a north Indian and a South Indian person.

Through communication, there are exchanges of ideas and information. There are various gestures, symbols, and expressions through which we communicate. In any organization be it political or commercial,  without communication, there are no social relationships.

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Importance of Communication.

Communication is the key that unlocks the trust of the people. The trust starts flowing towards you when you have better communication skills. Firstly, it builds better interpersonal relationships. You are silent and introverted, probably no one will talk with you properly because you don’t want to do so. If you are a speaker then also no one will listen to you. It is very important to understand how to have better communication skills in society.

essay on communication

Communication improves the working environment and acts as a key player in building a strong team. A team is very important if you want to do something new and big. A leader must ensure that there is proper communication between the team members. Through communication, there is better brainstorming. We can find a perfect solution for any problem. There are exchanges of ideas. Certainly, communication is a strength of any organization.

If any individual poses, the better communication. There are better chances that people will like that individual. This increases the importance of society and any organization. Better communication skills can make changes to our reputation. We earn more respect when our communication skills are good.


Conclusion: An essay on communication

Communication is of the greatest importance in one’s life. It makes the interaction between the individual and the organization happen. Communication also helps us to share our feelings with close people. It is very important to learn better communication skills in order to get a better job.

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