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Essay on Cyber Crime in 2021

18 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Cyber Crime in 2021

cyber crime

Cybercrime is the biggest threat to the people of the 21st Century. It is not only about stealing or hacking into someone’s account. There is a lot more in the name of cybercrime. There is a whole web associated with the Cyber Crime called Dark Web. In this, all the crime activities are carried out and no one will actually be able to trace you. There are many wrongs going on but we are unaware of the happenings. It is very important to first understand what are the different types of cybercrimes and how we can deal with them.

Types of Cyber Crime

There are four types of Cyber Crime, they are:

essay on cyber crime
  1. Financial Cyber Crime: In the financial cybercrime, the criminals steal the money of the account holders.
  2. Privacy : In the Privacy Crime, the criminals steal your private data and use it for their benefit.
  3. Hacking: Intentionally, the criminals hack into any website for a game or the purpose of revenge.
  4. Cyber Terrorism : Creating fear in the people through the videos, or the posts.

Cyber Crime in India

In India, cybercrime happens on a daily basis. New websites are vulnerable to hacking. Along with it, there are cases of privacy-related crimes too. People sign up to various unknown websites creating profiles. Later on, their personal information is being sold to advertisers and other agencies.

There is various form of financial crimes in India. In the name of various lottery schemes, criminals ask the money and take the bank and card information. Also, in India recently one of the famous Journalists named Nidhi Razdan was fooled by cybercriminals. She was carried away by the fake offer letter from the Harvard University. In this case, probably she was not careful enough. If we are careful then there will be lesser cases of cybercrime.


Cyber bullying can also be said as one of the cybercrime. You can click here to read an essay on Internet.

Ways of stopping Cyber Crime

There are many laws related to the cybercrime. In India IT Act and the Indian Penal Code governs the cyber crime activities. People can read this act in order to understand the rights offered through constitutional process.

We have to be very much careful while dealing with financial transactions and any privacy sharing. It is very important to understand the terms and conditions of the website where we are sharing our details. Also, we have to use incognito mode in any browser while dealing with a banking account. If we are using the normal browser, we must clear our history and cookies immediately.


 Conclusion: Essay on Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime is a serious offense. No one should be involved in any such criminal activities. We have to be careful by ourselves in order to deal with cybercrime. In case any cybercrime happens with us we have to immediately fill the first investigation report in the nearest police station or nearest cyber cell department.

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