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Essay on Deforestation (Latest in 2021)

13 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Deforestation (Latest in 2021)


Deforestation is cutting the trees in the forests at large. It is one of the greatest threats to our environment. However, this practice is being followed more and more. It is causing the ecosystem to collapse. There are many selfish people who try hard to exploit nature. This is actually the silliest thing to do. We have to think a lot while doing such. Different Governments are trying their best to reduce the impact of deforestation but there has been no major success.

Firstly the main purpose of deforestation is to increase the cultivable area for agriculture. However, it is more in the case of making new factories.


What are the Harmful Impacts of the Deforestation?

There are various harmful impacts of Deforestation. One of the major being Global Warming. Here is the list of the harmful impacts of Deforestation.

essay on deforestation

Soil erosion:

The erosion of the soil is one of the biggest problems of deforestation. It is the process through which the upper part of the soil is removed through other natural processes. It carries away the moisture present in this layer.

 In the hilly areas, the landslide is common. In the rainy season when there is a high volume of water flowing from the hills there is a landslide. When there is more deforestation, the landslide is more. It hampers the life of the various communities living in the hilly areas.

Climate Change and Global Warming:

Another major issue is Climate Change. It is the most dangerous problem ever faced by humanity. The temperature is being raised due to burning of the fossil fuel. There are various other human-induced activities that are causing Global Warming but deforestation is the m ain.


Habitat Loss (for essay on deforestation)

There have been various species that have lost their existence from the Earth. It includes Dodo and Tasmanian Tiger. Due to increased human activities, we are on the verge of the sixth mass extinction. Deforestation is the key reason for this.

Replica of Dodo
Replica of Dodo, an extinct species.

How to control Deforestation? (for essay on deforestation)

There are various reasons through which deforestation can be reduced. Two main controls are reforestation and afforestation. Reforestation is the process through which we plant the trees to make the forests. Afforestation is simply the planting of trees.


Government should introduce strict policies against those who cut the trees for earning more money. There should be a perfect balance between the development and the nature.

Here is an article on importance of forests in mitigating the impact of Climate Change.

FAQs on Essay on Deforestation

Q1. What is deforestation short essay?

A1. Deforestation is the continuous cutting of the trees in the forests. It hampers various natural processes.

Q2. How can we reduce deforestation?

A2. The two major ways to reduce deforestation are afforestation and reforestation. These methods have the ability to solve various problems of the Earth.

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