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Essay on dog (best in 2021)

11 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on dog (best in 2021)

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The dog is one of the pet animals which is loved by humans. It has very sharp teeth, four legs, two ears, two eyes, one tail, one mouth, and one nose. The dog has been a companion of humankind for a long. History suggests they are with human beings for the last 30,000 years.

The dog is a very clever animal. It is very loyal to the owner but it can be rude to strangers. We have varieties of dogs across the world. The sense of smell is very high in the dog. It can smell from long distances, it can even follow the smell of the footsteps and follow a person. It is also used by the army and police to identify criminals and thieves. 

The different breeds of dogs are as follows bloodhound, greyhound, german shepherd, Labrador, Rottweiler, bulldog poodle, etc. The categories of dogs are as follows, in regards to their service to people guard dogs, herding dogs, hunting dogs, police dogs, guide dogs, and sniffer dogs.

an essay on dog

Importance of Dog (essay on dog)

Dog as a pet animal is important for a man in order to live a stress-less life. It can make you smile and at the same time, it can protect your house from thieves. Due to its high smelling sense, it can also follow and find anything. Police and army use dogs to find the criminal or thieves.

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Dogs usually have diet similar to human beings. However they can also eat raw meats. They eat chicken, vegetables, milk, bread, rice and many things which the humans eat. Dog is called man’s loyal. There is a saying, a man who loves a dog and dog who loves that man is good. This proverb holds true in many aspects. The dog always sense a good person. They are very much helpful in reducing stress levels in human beings. People can get rid of lonliness. Also, it moves alongside with you so that you can do better exercise. A good dog never leaves you when you walk around.


Dogs are very much loyal to the masters. If you leave a dog to a strange place then also the dog has an ability to return to you as quickly as possible. However, this should not be tried. Whenever the master returns from the office, they jump and welcome them with funny manner. For a master, the dogs can even sacrifice their lives in case there is any danger. They also protect the kids from harmful people. No doubt, they are the best security guards of the houses.

Life Span f a Dog (essay on dog)

Dog’s life span is usually 12-16 years. The smaller breed lives a longer life than the bigger ones. Dogs come under the category of a mammal. They give birth to the puppies and feed them with milks. Female dogs are usually strict towards their kids.


Need for Dogs (essay on dog for kids)

Dogs are needed especially in the military and the police. They have the ability to detect bombs and even they can smell the murderers and criminals. Usually, such dogs are trained perfectly to serve their purpose. They learn quickly. In individual houses, dogs are required in order to protect houses and to reduce stress levels.


Dogs are very loyal animals. We have to feed the stray dogs too. If the time permits then we can adapt them and make them a part of our family.

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