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Essay on Dowry System in India 2021

The Dowry system is one of the greatest evils which is being practiced in India. It has been followed for a long time. However, it had probably positive implications during ancient times and was voluntary. Today, forcefully for a marriage purpose there is demand from the groom’s side in return for the marriage.

essay on dowry system

Here is a 10 line essay on Dowry System.

  1. Dowry is the items that are given to the bride by her parents during the time of marriage.
  2. It used to be a voluntary decision of the parents but after the Britishers invaded, it turned into demand from the groom’s side.
  3. Dowry System has ruined the lives of many girls in India.
  4. The Groom’s parents or relatives make pressure on the Bride’s side for Dowry.
  5. In India, many marriages get canceled because the parents of the Bride are unable to fulfill the demands.
  6. In some cases, brides are tortured in the house by family members of the Groom.
  7. Dowry System is an evil practice that is still prevalent in India and its neighboring countries like Nepal.
  8. Brides are burnt alive, India reports around 2,500 such cases yearly.
  9. The government has come with strict policies but it is practiced illegally.
  10. Dowry System has to be voluntary and no one should be forced.

Conclusion (Essay on Dowry System)

Dowry system is a good practice until it is voluntary. Any parent has the right to give a daughter, part of their property. However, when it is forced, it is one of the greatest social evils of the Country.

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