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Essay on Earth (2021)

14 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Earth (2021)

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Earth is only the planet that has the presence of life which we know till now. The elements like water, air, fire, land, and sky make life possible on Earth. It gives all the resources available to live. We cannot imagine our life without natural resources. However, we are also a part of the living ecosystem on Earth We need to take care of it in almost every possible way.

However, due to human greed, the earth is being exploited for human greed. This has led to the depletion of Natural Resources. Survival of Earth is the survival of humankind. We look for the planet fit for survival but we don’t value our own Earth. This is the biggest of the ironies of modern human beings.

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Saving our Earth is the motto of life in the 21st

Earth is facing one of the greatest dangers of the all-time. It is called mass extinction. We are losing many species due to human activities. The earth is asking for help, we need to protect it at any cost. The Earth needs protection from us only. We the human beings due to greed have exploited our natural resources.

The mining activities and the digging up of petroleum and oil have led to some uninvited dangers in the future. We have already seen enough in the name of Climate Change. It has all happened due to the greediness of human beings. Some of the systems on the earth are damaged to such an extent that there is no possible repair.

 The resources like water and forests which provide essential ecosystem services to us are in grave danger. We need to save our Earth at any cost. In India, Earth is regarded as the mother. It is the best time to protect our mother from greed.

essay on earth

Our planet is only the plant that has the ability to hold life and its process which we know as of now. There is no other planet to go to live on. It is one of the most serious issues. Selfish people have no understanding of all these things. First of all, it is important to make all aware of the crisis that we are facing now. From Overpopulation to Poverty, the problems are large and solutions are less.


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How to Save Earth from ourselves?

To save the Earth from ourselves it is first important to realize the scale of the problem. It is huge and there is no place on Earth where its impact has not reached. Everything is happening because of our greed. First of all, we need to understand the problems and make others realize the importance of saving the Earth. We need to reduce human activities in order to have a balanced life and balanced ecosystem.

Secondly, we need to start things from our home itself. We need to learn the practices like waste segregation, cleanliness, and making our environment green. We have to plant more and more trees. Also, we have to make people aware of the fact that we have caused enough damage now it’s time to stop.


We all know that the Earth contains a maximum of water but only a fraction is freshwater. Our freshwater sources are going down. It is all happening because of Climate Change only. We have to start saving water for our Environment.

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Conclusion: Essay on Earth

The Earth is only the place to live in. We must protect it at any cost. We have already lost many species. If we don’t control our greed then we might lose our existence forever. The Earth needs joint intervention from the people.

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