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Essay on Farmer

15 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Farmer


Farmers are also known as Annadata in India. They give us food, that’s why we call them Annadatas. Our farmers are the backbone of our economy. We all know that India is a nation of Agriculture. Most people follow agriculture to earn a livelihood. However, they too make our livelihood run smoothly. In India, wheat and rice are produced at large. It is one of the largest producers of wheat and rice in the world. The main re ason why it is so is all because of the farmers.


Why farmers are important?

There are many professions in the world. However, farming has been the only natural profession. Agriculture has the word culture in it. In reality, it is a culture itself. Before the rise of Agriculture, people used to be uncivilized. They were hunters and also dependent on the fruits of the Jungle. Around 10,000 Years ago, people started cultivating the seeds. The hunting-based society changed into a civilized culture. We still follow this culture. In every rural area of India, we have farmers who earn their livelihood through farming itself.

essay on farmer

There are various types of Farmers. However, all are united with one word is Agriculture. It is well-known fact that around 17% of the Indian Economy is based on the farming sector. If there is less production of the crops, there is certainly a collapse in the economy. Hence, farming is very important in India.

What is the Condition of farmers in India?

In India, for a long time, the condition of farmers has been poor. It is all happening because of the middlemen. Farmers sell their produce through the middlemen, they take a huge commission to sell their product in the Market.

There have been cases of suicide because they pose amount of loans. To buy the crops for cultivation, they would certainly require the assistance of the loan. However, when there are natural disasters like that flood, their cultivation gets damaged. This results in frustration and eventually, they choose to die.


Another natural cause that affects the farmers is Global Warming. Due to Climate Change, the production in the crops is getting damaged. There are cases of severe droughts and sometimes cases of extreme weather events like flash floods, heavy rains, and heavy floods. Indian Monsoon has a history of being violent. It damages crops to a very large extent. It also hampers the life of the farmers.

The government is trying all its best to help the farmers of the Nation. There has been exemption of the loans and a direct benefit transfer has been introduced for the farmers. Through this scheme, the money gets directly transferred to the bank accounts of the farmers. There are also reservations for the kids of farmers or people having a lesser income. It motivates them to live a better and educated life.


Conclusion: Essay on Farmer

Farmers are the Annadatas of the modern time. They give us food and we must understand their true importance. Although, due to human activities like Climate Change and global warming their production are getting decreased. To help them we need to fight with the Climate Change.

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