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Essay on Friendship in 2021

15 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Friendship in 2021


Friendship is one of the greatest bonds which a human being can ever have. A real friend is the one whom you can trust freely. It is a perfect relationship that lasts forever once it begins. There is a sense of care for each other in between the friends.

 We meet many acquaintances in life. However, there are very few who become friends. It is very important to recognize true friends. Friendship is one of the beautiful gifts that nature has to offer to human beings. 

What is a True Friendship?

In between many acquaintances, there are few who become close to us. They are our friends. We have many classmates in the school or college but there is always a particular group or few who become close because of the like-mindedness.


There are different levels of friendship. A friend can be a good friend and later on, it can even change to a true friendship or best friendship. People become best friends. A best friend is one who can be trusted more than any other person. A true friend is also a source of true happiness.

essay on friendship

Chanakya, the great Indian Philosopher has rightly said, true friends are not made, they are earned. No one becomes your true friend when you say let’s be friends. You need to earn a true friend. A true friend is the greatest wealth that one can have.

Friendship is the bond that gives us strength. Whenever we are down, a friend is the one who understands you and motivates you in his/her own way. We should always recognize the true friend and a fake friend. There are friends who are attracted to your physical resources only. You have to be careful with those friends. They are the ones who destroy you.


What is the Importance of Friendship? (Essay on Friendship)

Friendship is important because it helps us to live life without any conditions. There are many lessons to be learned from friendship. Friendship is the first thing that makes us realize that there is someone outside of the family who can take care of us. In return, you understand that Society also needs you. Basically, a good friendship can make you a social person.

A true friend never leaves you in your difficult times. They may shout at you or do some silly stuff but they know what you are facing. Your friends will always motivate you in their own way. They have the ability to take you on the right path.

Friendship also teaches us, how to become loyal. Loyalty is one of the greatest disciplines which makes us a better person in any organization or a job place. When someone is truly loyal to you, this is also one of the greatest feelings.


It is also a fact that true friends make us feel stronger. This helps us to live while struggles. It is for sure that life gives us struggles. In all these struggles, our friends help us to grow strong and do come back in every situation.

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