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Essay on Garden in 2021

17 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Garden in 2021


The Garden is the most important part of the house. Since my childhood, I was interested in Gardening. This made me relaxed and feel good about creating a new life on the earth. Gardening teaches us the true value of hard work. It also teaches us patience because to see the flower we have to wait for a long time. Each day we have to give water to the plants. Gardening can be one of the hobbies too. For some people, flowers and plants are an integral part of their life.

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Benefits of Garden and Gardening

The Garden in our house gives us the freshness of the natural aroma. The song of the bees is just awesome. Each morning whenever we go for a morning walk, we can feel the freshness all around. Although gardens are created by us they have all-natural plants. In the garden, we can also grow fruits and vegetables. We can use organic manure so that we get organic food from our garden. When we grow the fruits and vegetables in our own garden, they are more delicious than those which we find at the market.

essay on garden

 In my garden, I have many plants such as marigold, jasmine, parijaat, roses of different colors, etc. I have also planted Broccoli and tomato in my garden. There is a big mango tree in the center of our garden. Each day I give water to small plants. During the nighttime, the aroma of Jasmine is just awesome.

How to maintain a Garden?

Maintaining the garden is one of the toughest tasks. People use to say that gardening is very easy. However, it takes all of your sweat while doing gardening. It requires a lot of energy to maintain a garden.


Gardens need sunlight because without the sunlight there is no process of photosynthesis. Many people especially rich ones hire professional gardeners which we call Mali in India. They take care of the Garden at best because of their experiences.

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How to Grow the Garden?

Growing a garden is also one of the toughest tasks. We need to choose which are the best-suited plants for our atmosphere. We can visit various nurseries to look for suitable plants. A garden can be made beautiful by arranging different kinds of plants in some sequential order. We can also arrange as per the tutorials which we can see on YouTube.

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Conclusion: Essay on Garden

Gardens are one of the most beautiful things to have in our homes. It helps to feel the connection with nature. Meanwhile, we also learn patience and hard work. Gardens are certainly one of the best places to look for peace and harmony of nature. Everyone can try gardening at their homes. If space doesn’t permit you can try planting the flowers in pots for bottles. Using the bottles would be utilizing them as a recycling process. This is best for nature.

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