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Essay on Gender Equality in 2021

Gender Equality is one of the most important topics of today’s generation. Everyone in the society has right to live their life to the fullest. However, there is discrimination between races, color, and Gender. Inequality between the gender is one of the major concerns for the people. In the 21st Century also there is discrimination in the name of Gender. There is no equality in jobs, politics, education based on gender. Gender inequality hampers the development of civilization.

What are the Genders in the 21st Century?

If it would have been the 20th Century or before, we would have said there exist only two Genders. Male and Female. However, it is a completely wrong concept. We have also an active community of Transgenders. The term used for them is LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender). Gender is an identification of hormones and biological features. Psychologically, everyone is a human being.  However, in the workforce, everyone has the right to give equal efforts. Discrimination between different genders can lead an advanced civilization to collapse. In the epic Mahabharata and Ramayana, disrespect of the female made the two greatest kingdoms fall.

Why Gender Equality is needed?

A country can only progress when there is no discrimination between the genders. If we consider an economic point of view. In any nation generally, there is only the presence of 50% male, rest 50% is female. The economy is less when only 50% of males work. If the rest 50% of the female also work then there is certainly big boost in the Economy. In fact, the economy will be doubled. So, the nations which are developed have gender equality. 

essay on gender equality

 In society, females were treated as of low class. They were not allowed to work. The evils of the Dowry System and Sati are prime examples of the thought of gender inequality. Women were thought to give service to the husband and the family. However, in the developed society there is no such perception. Both males and females live equally.

How is Gender Inequality in India?

In India the gender inequality is high. As per the ranking of the World Economic Forum, India has a ranking of 108 out of 149 rankings. This ranking is very low. The gap between males and females is very high. Also, there is no recognition for the LGBT community. This creates disharmony and causes economic downfall.

In some parts of  India, there is a still perception that women are of the low class. Girls are not given chance to study. They are married at an early age. Child marriage is illegally practiced because families think girl children to be a burden. They pay the groom’s family based on their demand to get their daughter married.

Conclusion: Essay on Gender Equality

It is very important for a civilized nation to have gender equality. It is also very important in order to balance the workforce. Gender equality is important for the development of any country. Hence, we must not discriminate between genders.

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