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Essay on Globalization in 2021

17 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Globalization in 2021


Globalization is a common term used to show the integration between different people, companies, and governments. This is on the global scale where different nations are seen together and a part of one world. It is also a process through which one can expand the business all over the world. For, example Google and Facebook. They have expanded all over the world with their innovative ideas.

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Glob alization is not a new idea.

The trade between various worlds is not new. There were transportation of the goods to the Europe via the Silk Routes. Certainly there was cultural exchanges too. For an example, in Indian Vedas, there is a mention of god named Dyaus Pitr. He becomes Zeus Pater in the Greek religion due to differences in pronunciation and in the Roman religion he becomes Ju Pitr (Jupiter). It is interesting to note that in all the religions they have same role. The god of sky and thunder.

essay on globalization

Globalization started growing from the 1st Century BCE. Later on when the Islam spread towards the Arab there was significant rise in the international trade between different nations. In terms of spices trade there was domination of the Muslim traders across the world.

The global trade was the major reason of the Globalization as well as the Colonization. In 1498 AD Vasco Da Gama came to India. He was probably the literary messenger of colonization in India. After he discovered the best route to India the traders came from the Europe region to India. 100 years after, there was establishment of East India Company. Great Britain kept on ruling in the game of Trade and became the superpower of the world.


After the world wars there was significant changes in the superpowers. There came a new superpower, it is none other than United States of America. Still they are leaders in the global trade.

Globalization took its ultimate form in the late 20th Century and the 21st Century. The internet was established and the trade was a matter of one finger click. Today we are in the era of full globalization.

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Benefits of Globalization

There are various benefits of globalization. We can use our technological innovation for the benefit of people across the globe. Also, there is a separate entity where you can understand how to secure your rights while filing patents in other countries. Technology transfer is happening at its best due to Globalization. There are qualities of products which are improving due to the Global competition. It is certain people would choose only quality products.


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Conclusion: Essay on Globalization

Globalization is a very important and visible thing. Due to the rise of the Internet, it has been continuously expanding across various places. It has brought really great products across the different countries. It has immensely contributed to Global Trade. However, sometimes there is often the insecurities between the two organizations or government due to ideological conflicts. It needs to be resolved for better actions.

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