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Essay on Good Manners

14 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Good Manners

essay on good manners

Good manners are very important in order to live a respectful life in society. Since our childhood, our parents told us to have good manners. Whenever we did something good we go a good remark and whenever we did bad things we got bad remarks. Good manners are very important for living a good life in society. Good manner differentiates between an educated and uneducated person. It also makes a person a gentleman. People in society start giving an example of a person who has good manners.

In Indian culture, we are taught to touch the feet of elders. It is done in order to keep us grounded to the ones who gave us life. Also, if we don’t respect our elders, when we become elders our younger ones will not respect us. Respect is one of the only things that give us the essence of existence. We have to try our best to have good manners and be respectable in society.


Good Manners at School for Students Essay

A student should always respect the teachers. It is because they are the ones who give us knowledge. We should listen to their words and apply them to our lives.

We should always wear clean clothes. Carrying a handkerchief is one of the good manners we should follow. We should never eat the tiffin of our friends.

Another good manner in school is punctuality. We must always go to school on time. We should never rush and hurry instead we can wake up early in the morning to balance the time.

A student should be best in Time management. He/She should always maintain the time in order. The homework and classwork must be done in time. This helps us in the future also when we get employed in jobs.


Good Manners at Home (Essay on Good Manners)

We should greet everyone with the word Namaskar. We should always say Suprabhatam (Good Morning) and Subhratri (Good Night) in the morning and before going to the bed. In each morning we should wake up early. We should always start our day with a prayer to god. We also have to take bath daily

 Before eating meals we have to wash our hands. When we sit on our chairs we must pray and start eating the food. Whenever someone gives you something you have to say Thank You.

We always have to respect our elders, be it be our siblings or parents, or grandparents. In the morning time, we always have to take blessings from them and greet them with the word Namaskar


FAQs on the Good Manners

Q1.Why is the importance of good manners?

A1. Good manners are important to live a respectful life in the Society.

Q2.What are a good manners of student?

A2. Good manner of a student is to do all our works related to school in time. A student also has to respect the teacher and the seniors.

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