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Best Essay on Happiness in 2022 from an expert.

15 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Best Essay on Happiness in 2022 from an expert.


Happiness is not only a word but an essence of life. Many people think happiness is only about smiling but there is more to happiness. When someone is happy they tend to do better work in Society. Real happiness should come from within and not from any external influences. This is only the source of permanent pleasure in life. When it comes from ourselves, no one can take it away from us.

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Money and Happiness. (Essay on Happiness and its importance)

We have our own dreams to become successful and earn more and more money. However, money cannot buy true happiness. It might buy the things of comfort but not the happiness. Living a luxurious life is not about being happy, it is all about developing a higher ego. Money can buy servants, healthy life, swimming pools, helicopter, etc. but these things can temporarily trigger happiness but there is no permanent satisfaction.

essay on happiness

We see the richest people doing a lot of works to earn money but they are not happy from the inside. There is a strong pressure to lead an organization, there is no personal life for them. Family life is completely void. They have hidden sufferings and high-stress levels which they never share with the people.

There is no social life for rich people. Imagine them enjoying street foods like Pani Puri with friends. This is basically not possible for 99% of the rich people. They never get such a feeling of satisfaction with friends and family. Success is good but there has to be a balance between it and life, then only we can get proper happiness.

Those who have a high amount of money always feel insecure. In this insecurity, they don’t want to share their penny with the poor people also.

Being poor is also not good, poverty is evil. The best thing is to maintain a middle-class life with both social life and happiness. Middle-class life is always better than being poor or being rich. We should look for jobs which give us happiness from within. Let’s see what is this happiness which comes from within.


Happiness Comes from Within

It is very easy to say happiness comes from within but making it a reality is tough. We need to identify what makes us feel good. We have to choose such a profession where we can do what makes us happier. Imagine a person who likes to do mathematics but is employed as a social science teacher. What happens here is student cannot get the proper knowledge also and he also never gets inner happiness.

However, to understand our inner identity we need to practice meditation and keep ourselves relaxed. This makes us realize who we are from within. Accepting ourselves is the first key to happiness. We should not think of material gains as means of happiness.

Conclusion: An Essay on Happiness

Happiness should come from within no matter what. Money cannot buy perfect happiness and satisfaction. We should follow our passion in order to get a perfectly balanced life. Understanding our inner identity is one of the keys to connecting with our inner self which makes us happy forever.


FAQs about Happiness

Q.1 Why happiness is important in life?
A.1 Happiness is important in order to live a perfect life on Earth. It is the essence of Satisfaction and Inner peace.

Q.2 What is real happiness?
A.2 Real happiness is the happiness that comes from within. There are no expectations but only happiness. For this, we need to identify our true selves.

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