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Health is Wealth Essay for Students in English.

10 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Health is Wealth Essay for Students in English.

Health is wealth essay eat good food

Health is wealth is one of the most popular mottoes of human life. This proverb makes us realize that there is nothing more important than the health. Being healthy matters, for that, we have to be hygienic by cleaning our surroundings. Indian Government has launched the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan in order to control the spread of diseases caused by wastes. We have to keep ourselves and our environment clean. This gives us better health.

Being healthy is not only about being physically fit. There is also a need for mental well-being. We need to be happy all the time in order to reduce the stress in our lives. The best practice of mental well-being is to follow our hobbies. Another best thing to practice is to have a good sleep. Let’s see some of the key points for the essay on health and wealth proverb.


Our health is all about physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. There are many vital aspects related to health as wealth.

Essay on Health is Wealth Proverb In English

Let’s understand the points on health is wealth. To write an essay on health is wealth consider the following 10 points.

  1. You need to have a consistent diet,  discipline, and commitment towards life for a better lifestyle.
  2. You have to make sure you dress up well.
  3. Good appearance helps in boosting your confidence.
  4. A good dress up also helps in improving your mental health
  5. You should exercise daily in order to remain fit.
  6. Eating healthy foods gives you a better immune response.
  7. Fruits and vegetables boost our physical and mental health.
  8. We have to clean our house and surroundings.
  9. We have to take proper rest and should have a satisfactory sleep.
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  11. We have to be hygienic.
an essay on health is wealth

Advantages of a Healthy Lifestyle

If we follow the following points we shall be happier in life. We have to motivate others to live a healthy life because health is wealth. There is no point in having luxurious things if we don’t have good health. Money doesn’t give us better health, our commitment towards life gives it.

We have to take care of the precious gift of life that nature has given to us. We should also make sure that we are mentally fit. Following our hobbies is best in order to reduce the stress level us. For being physically fit we have to avoid eating packeted junk foods. It increases the fat which tough to burn through exercises. Better health gives us a better lifestyle which further gives us longevity. 



Maintain a healthy lifestyle is very much necessary. Health is wealth because life is one of the most precious gifts given by nature to mankind. The luxury of life doesn’t matter unless we have better health and well-being. It is solely our willpower to become fit. Let’s commit ourselves to have a better and healthy lifestyle.

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