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Essay on Humanity in 2021

17 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Humanity in 2021


Humanity is the idea of different perspectives. Some see it as a matter of kindness and some see it as a matter of compassion. However, the best idea is, humanity is the idea to value human beings and other species as humans. We see a lot of cruelty against animals and other human beings. Humanity opposes this and believes that compassion and love are required in order to feel the pain of others. There are many humanitarian heroes across the world. They have done really good things to make human beings human beings.

In recent times, one of the world’s richest man Bill Gates has a foundation that supports humanitarian work. He gives assets to poor people across different countries. In the past, we can say one of the best humanitarian heroes was Nelson Mandela. In India, we had people like Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekananda who did really great job in valuing the path of non-violence and spirituality.


One of the greatest poets of India namely Rabindranath Thakur had expressed his beliefs on humanity in his Noble Prize-Winning book Gitanjali. He felt that serving mankind connects with the divine. He believed that humanity is his religion. Whenever we are selfless, we have to think that we are doing something for humanity that’s why we are selfless.

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How to be a Humanitarian?

It is not tough to be a Humanitarian. An act of humanity makes us humans. We can just start by caring about one person/animal later on we can change the same care to others. One by One we can help many people.

essay on humanity

As a child or student we can try to make blind people cross the road. We can feed the poor people in the streets. We can try to feed up the stray dogs. We can tell people not to throw plastics around. We can do many more things based on the requirement of the particular area.


Humanitarian crisis.

It is for sure that there exist humanitarian crisis in the world. This has happened due to the borders, attacks of the terrorists and other militant activities. There are millions of people who have lost their life in the humanitarian crisis. One of the examples is that of Syria. The radical Islamic Terrorism has led to attack on local people of Syria.

10 line essay on Humanity.

  1. Humanity is an idea through which we show mutual respect and love towards the human race.
  2. Humanity is also the word for compassion and love for other beings.
  3. Humanity differentiates human beings from animals.
  4. Humanity makes us a Social Animal.
  5. A humanitarian is a person who does selflessly for society.
  6. Examples of famous humanitarians are Nelson Mandela, Swami Vivekananda, and Mahatma Gandhi.
  7. In the world, we have a humanitarian crisis due to Radical Islamic Terrorism.
  8. We can also become humanitarian.
  9. We can start by feeding the stray dogs and adapting them.
  10. We can also tell people about global warming and climate change.  
essay on humanity

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