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Essay on Knowledge is Power in 2021

18 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Knowledge is Power in 2021

knowledge is power

Knowledge is one of the weapons that can be used to fight against ignorance. Somewhere within the lack of knowledge leads to ignorance in us. We simply ignore things because we don’t know about them. The knowledge helps us to understand the true importance of life. It also helps in distinguishing the humanitarian traits and the evil traits. Knowledge teaches us, how to live in society and how to deal with complex situations.

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Importance of Knowledge

The importance of knowledge is understood only by a few. It is tough to find truly knowledgeable people. A degree is not a piece of proof for education. It is rightly said, every people having an education is not knowledgeable. In modern days degrees are given more value over the experience of a person.


Knowledge is the thing that makes us find a true human within us. True knowledge is not gained through books unless they are being experienced. We need to experience or practice the things written in the book. When someone has a blend of both knowledge and experience then only we can say knowledge is power.

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What are the Benefits of Knowledge?

There are various benefits of knowledge. When we share our knowledge with others, it increases automatically. In the 21st Century due to the knowledge, we have seen many advances in science and technology. However, this has led to many disadvantages too. Due to excess knowledge, there is destruction going on in the name of pollution and global warming.

This is about technological knowledge, however, the knowledge of Love, Life, and Science is always needed to keep our mind and body active. Knowledge makes us help to differentiate between good and bad. It removes our weaknesses and faults. It also helps in fighting stress in difficult times. Truly knowledge is power and we have to achieve it. Knowledge brings positive changes in our lives. A country or nation is developed using the knowledge.


How powerful is Knowledge?

Knowledge has so much power that it can even create and destroy the planets. However, for now, it has to be used for creating balance in the resources of the Earth. No doubt that the one who has knowledge is one of the richest people on Earth. True knowledge is achieved by the ones who want to make positive changes.

essay on knowledge is power

Knowledge always increases with time, however, we have to keep on learning. The power of knowledge will come only when we share it with others in a proper way. However, when the knowledge is less than there is great destruction. For example, Hitler assumed through his false knowledge that all the Jews are his enemy. It resulted in the killing of millions of Jew population in Europe.

Little knowledge can be very dangerous. One has to keep on learning and shouldn’t think that I have learned all. Just like we don’t know where is the end of the Universe. How many starts do have? How many galaxies do we have? In the same way we cannot have the knowledge of fragmented pieces of everything.


Conclusion: Essay on Knowledge is power.

True knowledge is the weapon to fight ignorance. One must always keep on learning. There is no end to the learning process. One also should never think that I have learned everything. This is only the process through which knowledge becomes power.

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