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An essay on life (2021).

12 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An essay on life (2021).


Life is the essence of existence. It is an active process that constitutes the beings and organisms mutually dependent on each other. In order to search for the exitance of life, scientists like Charles Darwin and Bose did various research. As of today, we know that evolution is one of the most important things that drive life. It is all about natural selection.

If we take life into the realm of metaphysics. It is about the sense of existence. Life is there so we exist. If there would be no life there would be no existence of anything. No doubt that life is one of the best gifts that nature has given to the earth. We have valued our own lives in such a way that each day is the end of the world.


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Why is Life Important?

Life is very much important. It is only the thing that makes us feel emotions, makes us realize about the existence and only we have that existence. We should always think that our sorrows are temporary, there is certainly happiness after the sorrow. We always have to be optimistic and keep high ideals. As APJ Abdul Kalam always said we should thrive for our dreams.

Dreams are only the thing that makes us live. We have to dream a lot and have a focused intention to achieve that dream through hard work. We should believe in our teachers who make us learn at any cost.


There are many who have already achieved the dreams. We have to take inspiration from them in order to do better things and make ourselves happy.

Here are the 10 points on why the life is most important part of existence.

essay on life

An essay on life.

  1. There is no life for non-living organisms.
  2. We are only the beings that can realize our existence.
  3. Sorrow is temporary.
  4. Happiness is all about choosing better things in life.
  5. Inner satisfaction is key to unlock the various dimesons of life.
  6. We have to live a life in such a way by thinking that, it is my last day.
  7. We have to get a perfect goal in life where we can get satisfaction in the future.
  8. Ambitions are very important in life.
  9. We have to do meditation whenever we feel tense.
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  11. Meditation is only the thing that has the ability to make us realize our true identity.

Conclusion on essay on life.

It is very important to understand that life is precious. It is because we are the only ones who have the ability to know our own existence. This opportunity is rare. We must utilize each second of our time for something good.

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