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Essay on Money in 2021

18 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Money in 2021


Money is very important for survival on the Earth. We can buy almost everything with it but we cannot buy happiness from money. People work hard to earn money. Without the money earned due to hard work by our parents, we would have not gotten so much education.

There are many business, many entrepreneurs thriving to achieve success and earn a lot of money. They use their skills in the form of innovation and technological innovation to create a useful product for the people. In return people buy the service/products.

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Means to earn money. (essay on money)

There are various ways to earn money. In recent days digital marketing and any internet-related services like domain hosting, social media, or even search engines make you earn money quickly. Intelligent people often invest their money in various stocks and cryptocurrencies in order to earn more money.


There are two ways of earning money. One of the legal way and another is the illegal way. The legal way of earning money is doing jobs, startups, forming any business such as online business based on digital marketing, social media or online selling and buying, etc like Flipkart or amazon. The legal way makes sure you earn the best without hampering the law.

The other way of earning money is through illegal ways. People sell drugs or weapons in illegal ways and earn a lot of money. Corruption and money laundering are also two measures from which people earn money illegally. These methods are not good for the public because it directly hampers the lives of millions of people. At all costs, illegal ways should be avoided.   

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Black Money (Essay on Money)

Black money is a term given to money earned through illegal ways. It is earned through illegal activities like money laundering or misuse of power. Corruption is the key for people to earn black money. Various corrupt politicians and bureaucrats keep their black money in foreign banks so that there is no legal action in their own country.


Black money doesn’t have any proper documentation. People don’t pay taxes to the government. Paying tax is very much necessary for the functioning of any country or state. Not paying tax and keeping that money is also a form of black money. We should be honest with the government while paying the taxes.

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White Money (essay on money)

White money is a term given to the money earned using legal ways. To earn the money in legal ways, we need to do hard work. It is the first step towards living a wonderful life. We can do a lot of good works with the money. From helping the people to raising awareness towards Climate Change.

Money Laundering

Through money laundering people convert their black money to the white money. It is very wrong and can put anyone to the jail. There are various ways through which money laundering happens. First is in the name of donations to any charity, secondly keeping money in foreign banks and using it there. There are various other ways. However, we should avoid these on any costs. Instead we have to do hard work in order to earn real money and help the people rightfully.

essay on money

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