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Essay on Morning Walk

15 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Morning Walk

morning walk

The morning walk is the healthy companion of humankind. Human life is all about ups and downs in health. Morning walk gives us a great amount of mental and physical fitness. However, we need to be regular while doing the morning walk.

In the world, there are various people who never care about their health. Health is very important. As it is said correctly, Health is Wealth. We need to take care of this wealth at any cost.

To feel the fresh air of the morning and the elements of nature is one of the best things to do. The dews in the leaves, cool breeze coming from the direction of the walk.

It is of immense pleasure and satisfaction.

When to have a morning Walk?

The best time to have a morning walk is half an hour before sunrise. There is no proper time for the sunrise but you can fix your own time depending upon the season or your own flexibility. Some of the people start as early as 4:30 AM in the morning to late as 7:00 AM. 

Where to take a morning walk?

A morning walk can be done in any place. However, a perfect place should be a place from where you can feel nature. A dirty place can make you psychologically weak. Parks, sidewalks of clean roads, near the swimming pool, beach etc. are the places where we can feel nature at best.

essay on morning walk

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Benefits and Importance of Morning walk

For a long, we have seen people walking early in the morning. It is actually a habit which makes us feel the nature around us. In the morning time, there is the best view of nature. It is rightly said that nature is our greatest teacher. We have a lot to learn from nature.


Morning walk improves the health of an individual. It burns our calories to make us fit and healthy. There are lesser chances of getting any disease. 

Morning walk also gives us the motivation to control our laziness. It is the most common factor in the people of the 21st Century. We can plan our time perfectly and commit to the early morning walk. This will give us proper management of the time.

Conclusion: (Essay on Morning walk)

Morning walk is one of the best companion of the human being. It makes us live the life healthy and fresh. A one who wakes up at 4 AM in the morning is fresh than the one who wakes up at 10 AM. We should try and feel the nature, early in the morning to make our heart active and strong. Every student has to take a morning walk because it also improves our thinking ability. As it, is said nature is the best teacher

. At the morning time we can feel the nature at its best. 

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