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Essay on Music in 2021.

13 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Music in 2021.


Music is the most important part of our lives. Without music, there is no life. Since ancient times, music has been one of the best friends of humankind. It makes us feel complete. It makes us feel relaxed, joyful, and calm. The type of music which we listen to depends upon the mood of an individual. Some prefer to listen to romantic music, some prefer to listen to metal, some prefer pop and some prefer classical and devotional. In all these the true music always rules our hearts. Someone has rightly said, the music connects to the soul.

What is Music?

Music is a set of sound frequencies produced by different musical instruments or through the vocal. A person who knows and practices music is called Musician. In India, we have all forms of musicians and everyone has their own fanbase. In ancient times the musicians were called Gandharvas. They used to sing while moving to the forests. Every king uses to have different musicians in his court who used to play a piece of soothing music.


In Indian folklore and tradition, music has been of divine origin. Lord Krishna is seen with his flute. His devotees believe that there is no better music than that of the flute. It is however true because the soothing effect of the flute is more than that of others. The flute has its own melody.


In Indian music, we find the Sargam, Taal, and Ragas. However, we should also feel the sound of nature. There are a lot of musical activities going on in nature. The music of the water flowing, the music of the birds, the music of the animals, etc. However, the best music is that of music of eternal silence. When we are satisfied there is silence but this is the music of the feelings and emotions and the music of love.

Music and the memories.

A form of music has the ability to trigger our hidden memories. Whenever we use to listen to some kind of music we often get carried away by those memories. It is full of life but sometimes it gives us sorrow too. However, one can surely say that music is an eternal companion of mankind.


Importance of Music:

Music has the qualities like that of a doctor. It has the ability to make a person emotionally and mentally well. While listening to the music, all our sorrows and pain go away. However, there is a need of cultivating a taste in the music. Sometimes we listen to a song type not suited for our temperament. It hampers the healing power of the music. In the time period of Dvapar Yuga, Gopis or the divine maids used to get mesmerized by the flute played by Lord Krishna. They would completely surrender themselves to the Krishna. It would give them ultimate satisfaction of the unitedness.

Healing Powers of Music: (an essay on music)

There is a great healing power of music, one can easily get out of the anxiety and depression. There are evidences that music has healed the patients of insomnia and even the cancer patients used to get relaxed. Music has also mystical powers as per the epics. It has the ability to control plants and animals.



There is no doubt that music is the essence of life. Be it classical music or pop every type of music has some special kind of attachment with the listener. It is a great healer. In folklore, it also has the ability to make a person reach the supreme God. One must appreciate the beauty of music in order to live a better and happy life.

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