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Essay on my Country (2021)

14 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on my Country (2021)

Indian Flag

India is my country and I am proud of my country India. In this essay on my country, we have given ten lines on my country which will help students in essay writing. It is very important to develop a sense of unity since childhood itself. Writing essays in my country will help children to create that emotion.


India is a diverse nation and it is very important to understand and be able to write few lines on my country. Here the Scientific Nation presents to you a few lines on my country only for the kids. Being creative matters and Scientific Nation Gives the power to be creative enough. We believe in optimism.


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Essay on My Country

essay on my country
  1. My country is India.
  2. My country is also known by the name of Bharat and Hindustan.
  3. My country got independence from the Brit ishers in 1947.
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  5. My country is a democratic country.
  6. My country has people from different religions.
  7. The religions which existed in my country are the oldest religions in the World.
  8. Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism are three major religions that originated in India.
  9. India got its name from the Indus river which is originally called Sindhu.
  10. The Hindu word also comes from the word India.
  11. My country believes in the motto Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam means world is my home.

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Trivia Twister

In this, my country essay of 200 words we can break the points into essay on my country india 150 words and also my country essay 100 words. My country topic is also one of the most sought query of the kids. You can also prepare my country short speech in English from these points.