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Essay on my family for kids and students in English.

10 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on my family for kids and students in English.

my family

A family is a group of individuals in the home. We stay together and bonded by the bloodline. Each one of the family is called family members. We in our family are committed to each other.

This essay on my family is for small kids. For other essays, you can click here.


10 line essay on my family.

an essay on my family (10 lines)
  1. I have a great family and my family members love each other.
  2. My family is a joint family.
  3. My family consists of eight members – grandparents, parents, uncle, aunt my brother, and me.
  4. My father is a contractor and my mother is a scientist by profession.
  5. My grandfather was a contractor until he retired.
  6. My grandmother is a housewife.
  7. My uncle and aunt are both doctors.
  8. All my family members have mutual respect for each other.
  9. My family goes for a picnic once every month.
  10. Each one of my family members prefers to walk over the use of a car for small distances.
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