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Essay on my Village in 2021.

13 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on my Village in 2021.

my village

My village is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. It is so peaceful and everyone in my village are lovely people. They have no arrogance and they are full of life. There are many farmers who cultivate

rice for us. I also help them during my holidays.

My village is pollution and noise free. It is far from the city so, there is no noise of cars, trucks and other stuffs. I could feel the true taste of real India in my village.

In India more than 70% of the people reside in rural areas. They are mostly farmers and they provide food to everyone in the nation. However the rural areas are being converted to urban areas due to increase in population. 

essay on my village

10 Line Essay on My Village.

  1. The name of my village is Central Pendam which is in the East district of Sikkim.
  2. I stay in my village only.
  3. My village has the best facilities for Education.
  4. All the houses in my village are pakka houses, it is one of the most developed villages in India.
  5. My village has frequent power cuts due to old electric lines.
  6. My parents are well respected in my village.
  7. Every person in the village works hard to earn a livelihood.
  8. My village is also very much educated, there is a literacy of 85% which is greater than India’s average.
  9. People in my village are lovely, they greet each other every time when they meet.
  10. My village has water scarcity because the springs are dying because of hotter temperatures.

Importance of Village

In India Villages play vital role in Indian Econo my. Most of the people in India are dependent on the agriculture. Majority of the agricultural products comes from the village farmers. It gives pristine environment to the people. However, it is being frequently being converted to urban areas.


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Conclusion: (An essay on my village)

India has been a country of villages since ancient times. The farmers in the villages are the backbone of India. There is a strong misconception that the villages of India are not developed but my village is developed and well educated. It is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

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