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Essay on National Integration

17 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on National Integration


National Integration is one of the most important things for having undivided India. Our country had two separate constitutions till the abrogation of Article 370. It was separate for the state of Jammu and Kashmir and for other parts. However, the government of India made sure that we have one nation one constitution.

There is no doubt that In India there are 1000s of languages, many cultures, castes, and religions. India certainly needs a strong integration. The feeling of oneness and unity is a must to fight with foreign forces. A soldier will only be able to protect a nation when its citizens are united and think for them.


Just like the ants live together whenever they go. We also have to unite against all the odds. There are certainly various conflicts in different communities but at last, there is only one nation for us i.e. India. There was the formation of the National Integration Council in the year 1961. It was formed in order to look after the problems related to national unity.

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Why National Unity is important?

Our soldiers are at the borders to protect us from the invaders. However, if we are not united from the inside, our soldiers will get demotivated. One of their prime jobs is to keep national integrity intact.

The Indian constitution protects and safeguards national integrity by giving rights to its citizens. It is one of the key things that keeps our India intact. There are the concepts of Social Equality and Justice in our Indian Constitution. India is a Socialist country. It is because the rights of everyone are taken care of by the Constitution.


When the ideology is changed into never-ending ideals of unity then only we can say that national integrity is upheld. The national integration day is celebrated on the 19th of November each year.

In India, there was nothing called a caste system in the past. It has become a major concern in today’s India. There was a system called varna based on the profession of an individual. This hampers national integrity. Another major factor that influences national integrity is religious books. The use of the words is dangerous in certain religions. They think that there is no better religion than them. It causes a problem in the country where the motto is Vasudaiva Kutumbakam. The world is my home.


Conclusion: Essay on National Integration

The National Integration is very much important in order to achieve complete unity. We should feel the efforts of the best of our leaders who are trying their best to integrate the nation. The Nation should be integrated based on thoughts, actions, and love. There are certainly political integrations yet we are yet to achieve an emotional integration. Feelings of the richness of our cultural heritage are a must in achieving National Integration.

essay on national integration

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