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An essay on nature for students.

11 May, 2021 | Editorial |

An essay on nature for students.

essay on nature very important

Nature is the most important part of the universe. It gives us joy and pleasure. In India, nature is regarded as a mother. It nurtures us and helps us to live. Nature is also an inspiration to various poets and lyricists, they create various beautiful compositions. We start our day while seeing the beautiful sun rising from the east. In the course of the day, it goes to the west and hides from us.

During the night time we see the moon, stars, and planets, they look very much beautiful when felt properly. It is very important to take a deep breath and feel the fresh air around us. It helps us to reduce our stress and makes us happy. However, due to human greed, nature is being exploited. Many natural resources and their balance in the ecosystem are challenged. We are on the verge of ecosystem collapse due to pollution. It is hence very important to understand and protect our mother nature. 


Significance of Nature (an essay on nature)

Nature has been there long before any human form evolved. The real main thing that makes different species evolve through time in nature. From feeding up in the mother’s womb to our death, everything happens within nature only. It has taken care of human beings and other species in all cases.

However, nature is powerful enough to destroy the whole living species at once. Natural disasters like earthquakes, heavy floods, volcanic eruptions, etc. are dangerous aspects of nature. To avoid these humankind has to keep everything in balance. However, it has failed miserably in this. One of the greatest human-induced problems is global warming, broadly we call it climate change.

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In nature, each and everything has its own niche to fulfill. There are specific parts of nature as the water cycle, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, food chain, etc. if the biotic and abiotic factors within nature get balanced we get ecosystem services at any cost. These services come in the form of natural resources to us.


The air which we breathe, the water that we drink, the food that we eat all come from nature itself. However, due to human activities, we are having a higher amount of pollution. It is causing a misbalance in nature. Hence it is very much important to protect nature against our excessive desires.

an essay on nature

Conservation of Nature

No matter what we have to conserve nature. Humankind needs to actively participate in activities that reduce the burden of nature. We shouldn’t focus on deforestation. Instead, we can do afforestation and reforestation. There are people who have planted the whole forests by themselves. We need this level of commitment in order to protect nature.

We should stop polluting the water and air. The first basic step starts from our home only. We can do small things to make big changes. Things like saving water, turning off the lights when unnecessary, etc.


We can shift to the solar power in future in order to reduce the burden of the nature. It is the best solution for all our energy needs. There are companies like Tesla which have already invested in the cars that runs on electricity.


Nature is the entity that protects and nurtures us but due to human greed, it is being exploited. There is a need for its protection. For, this every human being on the earth should take up the responsibility. Otherwise, our next generations will suffer from our doings.

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