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Essay on Population in 2021

14 May, 2021 | Editorial |

Essay on Population in 2021

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The population is a sum total of individuals present in a group or a particular area. The population can be of many things such as trees, plants, flowers, human beings, tigers, etc. However, in this essay on population, we are going to discuss the human population. In China and India, overpopulation is one of the biggest problems that the nation is facing. It is causing the over-extraction of the resources.

The demand for products is increasing so for a greater supply there is the exploitation of resources which is not good for the earth. In some of the areas the population is sparsely distributed, this is also the problem. A balance between population and area is needed in order to create harmony in nature


Overpopulation in India. (essay on population)

India is the second-largest nation in terms of population. As per the 2011 census, India has a population of more than 1.3 billion. However, in terms of area, India is the 7th largest nation in the world. There is uneven population distribution in India. The rural areas are being converted into urban areas due to overpopulation.

 India has a very less literacy rate. This is one of the biggest problems in terms of development. The major factor behind this concern is overpopulation. Mostly there are poor people who do not have accessibility to birth control methods. It is the biggest problem.

In India, child marriage is still practiced illegally in some places. It is because a family doesn’t want to take up the burden of a girl child due to an uneducated mentality. They start bearing a child from an early age and it continues for a long time.

Population Explosion and Overpopulation. (Essay)

 Overpopulation is causing many problems not only to human beings but also to nature. There are various species that have lost their existence from the earth. Birds like Dodo are already extinct. It is certain that more population needs more natural resources. There is deforestation happening more rapidly. It is resulting in global warming. Global Warming broadly known as climate change is the biggest challenge faced by the people of Earth.


The pollution is also being increased due to the increased human activities. Water, Air, Land are getting polluted. Industrial Revolution which began in the 1760s had led to the formation of various factories. On the same pitch, Industrialization is also increasing rapidly. The need for natural resources also grows rapidly.

However, the most dangerous challenge is that of Climate Change. We know that Climate was Changing since the formation of Earth but it has become rapid. The first reason is overpopulation. The population explosion also makes it tough for the government to manage the resources equally to all its citizens. We should focus more on the mitigation part than the adaptation part.


Human beings have become so selfish that we always think for our own well-being only. Due to this, the Natural Resources is getting depleted, we had a large ozone hole which caused harmful radiation to pass on. However, due to joint efforts, the CFC emissions have been reduced completely.

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